Friday, 12 June 2015

Workshop Datalog (June 2015)

Despite a busy work-week, I've found some time to work on the Achilles, plus a few other models, namely Ignis, my upcoming Warpsmith.

 After getting some more stuff from my parents, I found an old tank which was armed with Multi Meltas. I tore these off and added them to the Achilles. They didn't have the rear section of the gun (just barrels), so they have been extended using plasticard, in the rough shape of the other side.

As we speak (well, read), the tank is being covered in rivet holes, which will be applied over the weekend. After this crucial stage, this relic tank will be ready for some paint. I plan to paint it as an incredibly worn and rusty tank; this vehicle has seen millennia of conflict at the forefront of most of it.

Overseeing the tank build is Ignis, Master of Ruin. Most of you will have seen the build, but not the painting stage. At this point, the orange is about 90% done, requiring only a to layer and highlights. It's proving a hard colour to get smooth, but the colour choices are perfect for the character.

I've also made a start on the black. It will be highlighted with a grey/blue for a nice subtle appearance. The armour will be slightly rusty to highlight the detailing and bulky, functional armour.

With that comes the end of today's update. For more pictures and discussion, check out he Facebook page.


  1. Loving that orange Matt! Looks fantastic! (orange is my fav color)

  2. Always enjoyed your site but this project is really incredible. The orange paint job looks exceptionally smooth; was it a foundation paint? Vallejo extra opaque? Or just multiple thin layers?
    Anyway great job looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks :) The orange was done as followed:

      -Base Jokaero Orange
      -Couple of layers of Troll Slayer Orange
      -Flesh wash
      -More Troll Orange
      -Few layers of Fire Dragon Bright
      -Highlight with 50/50 Fire Dragon Bright/White

      Hope that helps.


  3. Woohoo! Another thousand sons blog. Liking your work so far and interested to see how the land raider plays out as I have one myself from the RT era for my Thousand Sons. Regarding Ignis didn't he have a pair of lightening claws?

    Also Greggles stop hoarding the good blogs!