Thursday, 16 July 2015

Workshop Datalog (July 2015)

This month it has been 95% Age of Sigmar, as I begin to take a greater interest in the game. Since my first game I have expanded the Grave Guard unit to ten, built some Hex Wraiths, and a standard bearer to boost my units during the game.

Hex Wraths, it turns out, are a fantastic unit. They fly, ignore Rend, and generally look amazing. And with my local store, Space Myth and Magic of Scarborough, having a 30% off sale on WHFB, I just had to buy them. They are pretty much built from the box, as they look fantastic without conversions. They have, however, been based on rounded bike bases, in-keeping with the aesthetics of the newer models.


Using parts leftover from building the Hex Wraiths, I managed to fix up some of the Grave Guard. A few models were missing shields and shield arms, and the new kit was perfect for supplying replacement parts as the Black Knight's armoured parts look very similar to Grave Guard bits.

The kit also gave me enough components to build a Wight King standard bearer riding a Nightmare. The horse of a spare Marauder horse from my days of playing Chaos Warriors, with barding and a rider from the Black Knights parts of the kit. The banner has been extended using an additional Grave Guard banner.

During the game, this guy will probably stick back and plant his banner for added buff range, though as I found out in my first game, the Wight King is very capable of defending himself, with four attacks that can cause double wounds.

As well as my work on the Sage of Sigmar force, I have squeezed in a bit of 40k modelling too.

The Land Raider relic tank has been base coated ready for the real painting to begin. In a unified colour, it is really starting to come together, and months of work will hopefully pay off.

I've also been working on an updated rendition of Ahriman. The standard model is great, but it is about 15+ years old now, and so is in need of a serious modernisation. The base model is the plastic Aspiring Champion, with Ahriman's staff and a bolt pistol arm in place of the kit's knife arm.

 The helmet has been modified with a new mouth plate, third eye and streams of scroll paper coming off the helmet, much like on the classic model. I will be adding a cloak to bring it closer to the original piece, but I think that this more dynamic model will better represent the character.

That is all for today, but keep up to date on all my projects, reviews an more via Facebook and Twitter.

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