Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Showcase: Tzeentch Possessed (2005 era)

A unit that is both underutilised and models that are rarely seen, this squad of Possessed in a fun and interesting addition to the Thousand Sons. Based on the rarely found 2005 editions of the models, they are a unique acquisition and were a joy to paint.

Before painting them I felt it necessary to make a few modifications to the stock models (click here for an in-depth look). Whilst I see the beauty behind their apparent ugliness, the right parts and a little polish does help ease the eye. The main changes were modern backpacks, extra armoured parts such as shoulder pads, and better looking weapons for the axe-wielding Possessed and a new chainsword for the unit champion.

This unit was a great chance to experiment with a new colour scheme. I love the blue for this army, but I feel that there is such a thing as too much blue. So following in the wake of my Ferrus Infernum Dreadnought, I've modified my existing scheme to include a halved yellow-blue look. The left lower leg, and the left half of the breastplates are now yellow, and I think this is a big improvement on the look of the unit.

Expanding the unit will be tricky, as there are classic models with a unique look that the newer plastics wont match. I have had a few ideas for extra models, including this guy, which is made from an old banner bearer and a claw-hand from Spellcrow. I'll work something out, but expect them to have a slight retro look.

If Tzeentch Daemon kin ever becomes a thing, this unit will make for a great choice to blend the marine and daemon halves, giving my army a nice mix of the two. All I need is a few extra bodies and this squad will be ready to tear into the ranks of my terrified enemies.


  1. Wow, I've never seen these models before. They look awesome! Like the scheme as well!

    1. Thanks. They are the original 40k Chaos Possessed models released when the Medusa V worldwide campaign was running. I guess they weren't great sellers since they disapeared very shortly after, with the plastic kit coming a year or two later. I was lucky here since single models can cost £15 plus!

  2. Loving the triple armed champion the most I think.

    The old school models and your paint jobs work really well together. Bravo.