Saturday, 8 August 2015

Showcase: Vraks Drop Assault Grenadiers

The Vrakian conflict was a lengthy war, taking its toll on both sides. Both factions attempted various strategies to out-do the other. The Vraksians favoured mass rushes, and one of the lesser known rush-tactics was in the eighth year of the conflict. 

Numerous traitors, equipped with heretical xenos-based drop assault gear, were flown to high altitudes and dropped into Death Corps forward command bases, in an attempt to disrupt the command chain and being the Guard armies to a standstill. A number of bases did fall into disarray, setting the Death Korps back several months. For most of the Vraksian "volunteers" it was a one-way trip: the technology behind the assault packs was barely known and of suspicious origins; one of several reasons why the Imperial forces never accepted mass use of the devices. It also leaked radiation excessively. Those who survived the initial shots of the Imperials either went mad, charging into the enemy without backup, or died days later from radiation sickness and organ failure. It is thought that the users of the packs are soldiers somehow dishonoured or punished by Cardinal Xaphan, or his advisor, and were sent into battle with the assault packs for their deeds. Even so, the Vraks assault troops were fierce fighters, perhaps seeking forgiveness from the Gods...

Despite shelving the army whilst I moved house, and having limited time to work in it in the following months, I've actually finished a unit for the vraks renegades: a unit of five Veterans with the Grenadiers upgrade (for Hotshot Lasguns), a Hotshot Volleygun, and the Deep Strike ability, represented by their high-altitude drop gear. Whilst a small unit, it was fun to put together and paint, and will be a fun variance unit in what is otherwise a low-armoured mass-bodies styled force.

The scheme is the usual dirty browns and greens, but with a twist. The experimental assault packs have been painted in grey. Grey comes of as a great colour of experimental kit,-I don;t know why-so the main bulk of the drop pack is based around Vallejo Aspaly Grey and GW Codex Grey. the turbines are bronzed, and a few hazard makings were added to the sides: safety matters right?

I wanted this unit to have some extra stolen gear in addition to the jump packs. The heavy weapons carrier has a Hotshot Volleygun chained and strapped to his arms. This is likely to be salvage taken from the enemy, and so has been painted differently to other weapons in the Vraks force.

Because it was a mildly expensive conversion (I pretty much bought a whole Warzone pack just for these backpacks), I'm unlikely to add more to this unit. Unlikely, bot not against the idea...


  1. Very, very cool - really dig how those turned out!

  2. Great job Matt! God these guys look so freaking cool!