Saturday, 12 September 2015

Age of Sigmar: Ghouls, Ghosts and Altars

With the Age of Sigmar launch now a memory, it's been the ideal time to develop my Death force. With a few games played, and many errors made, I have been adding some new units, and painting up existing ones to get them tabletop ready.

The Grave Guard squad has been expanded from nine models to 12. Hopefully the extra bodies will come in handy.

To represent their cursed weapons, they have been given a green glaze to signify a magical presence. I want to keep my colour palette limited to make the force simple and appealing.

With the Hexwraiths though, I wanted black to feature predominantly. Being the model-equivalent of Death, they suit the all-black look. To tie them in though, they will receive some worn bronze detailing, and the green flames used here will tie them in with the other magical elements...

Such as this, my rendition of a Tomb Kings Casket of Souls. It seems such a great unit, that acts as both a ranged unit and spell deterrent. I couldn't simply used the TK model though, so a more Gothic one was made. The altar is made from plasticard and old cavalry bases (wont be needing those any more).

The altar guards are based on Avatars of War Corrupter models with Skeleton weapons, arms and heads. They look like heavier-armoured version of the Grave Guard, making for perfect bodyguards for the sorceress upon the altar. She is made from a Raging Heroes Elf character, with a flowing greenstuff dress.

The altar is covered with the tools of necromancy: books, scrolls, timepieces and a dead body to practice on. All this comes together to create a unique centrepiece for the army. It needs a little work before I call it finished; namely the vampire sorceress' skin, and some blood effects.

Once the core units are finished, I will turn my attentions to replacing the characters. As much as I enjoy using the Wight King, I feel that there are more potent units. Particularly Krell, lord of undeath. I have a special plan in mind for the model, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more on that. Until then, keep up to date with this, and other projects, via Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Matt...these guys look awesome. They have just the right about of bone work and metal work to make them all look proper rugged and dirty. Just a cool looking army you have forming here!