Saturday, 26 September 2015

Review: Kromlech Legionary Smash Hammers

As a Chaos Space Marine player, I don;t often get to make used of Thunder Hammers. Sure I could use them as Power Fists, but generally I haven't made much use for them, and so most hammer bits go by without a glance in their direction. But could today's product from Kromlech change my views?

The Legionary Smash Hammers (sounds a bit Super Mario doesn't it?) is a 6-piece weapon set, containing three flavours of hammer, ranging from 25mm in length all the way up to 35mm. A set will cost you £5.05.

The hammers look like they are intended for single-handed poses, though the longer ones could easily become two-handed weapons, depending on the model they'll go on. None of the weapons come with hands, meaning they can be added to any model with ease, not just a Space Marine or Ork. This does mean cutting up the handle or finding open hands, so be prepared to think about the posing and extra parts needed.

These hammers are stunning in the detail they possess. Take this example, which features minute scripture around the ends of this hammer-head...

...this is that same hammer next to a five pence piece. The detailing on these weapons is outstanding, and the fact that it is legible and clearly defined showcases the product's quality.

In all honesty they are far more suited to 'Imperial' Space Marines and Inquisitors. They all have a strong Gothic flair, and would look great on one of the Imperium's greatest daemon-hunters. One style, the one shown here, has Templar iconography, making them perfect for Black Templars and their splinter factions.

If you're looking for the pinnacle of detail for your leader, these weapons are a gold-standard example. The detail is insane, and if you used these on bog-standard models, you'd be very hard pressed to find anything fancier for your leader. Ignoring the mildly comical name, Kromlech's Smash Hammers are truly a great hit*.

*That was a bad pun, I'll be going now...

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