Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review: Kromlech Plague Pads (Morbid Legionary and Mutated)

Today I have two sets of shoulder pads for your viewing pleasure; both dedicated to plague. sickness and death. Both come from Kromlech, and both are fantastic options for building Plague Marines and other nasty creations.

The first set, the Morbid Legionary set, has a clear bio-mechanical look to them, where as the Mutated set goes for a full-organic appearance. Both sets are ideal for Nurgle-dedicated forces, hence why they appear in this review as a pair. Both sets retail at £5.05, and both come with 10 pads: two copies of five designs.

Both sets are highly detailed. The Morbid Legionary pads feature dented metal, fly icons and plenty of corrosion, whereas the Mutated shoulder pads are covered liberally with eyes, spikes and fleshy protrusions. In both cases, the details are crisp. Some consider mutations to be 'easy sculpting' or as a way to excuse a shoddy job, but on these parts the mutations and featured are well defined, showing that plenty of effort went into designing them.

On a model they look much better, and blend in with existing Nurglesque features. For illustration purposes I have used Spellcrow Plague Legion models, as it better shows this blending of designs than on a Plain-Jane marine model.

Both of these sets are great additions to your diseased Chaos force. Of the two I think I prefer the more mechanical feel of the Morbid Legionary pads. Whilst the Mutated set is well-sculpted, I like my armour to have a more...armoured appearance. The banded edges and vents help portray a 3+ save better than the others do. Both are available from the Kromlech Website, as well as the odd retailer if you are lucky enough for your stores to supply third party bits.

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