Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Thirteen

All it takes is one big leap of progression to make you want to finish an army. In the last three weeks I've finished another squad for the Vraksian Renegades, 99% finished the flagship unit, the Malcador, and finished the build section of a support unit, a Hellhound.

First up, the mutant rabble. This unit was a challenge for me: I wanted each mutant to look different, but I needed the colours to somehow bring it all together. I think I have managed that, but I will let the pictures do most of the convincing.

The models were a great opportunity to practice skin tones of varying colours, due to the amount of exposed flesh on the models. Most use a human-like skin tone that I am familiar with in painting, but some have sickly green mutations (a couple are fully green), and some bear red sore-looking flesh. The green flesh starts off as Ogryn Camo. After a brown and green wash, the colour is reapplied, leaving the shading intact. Finally a bit of Cadian Fleshtone is mixed in to highlight. Since this will be a Nurgle-dedicated unit, an ill, decaying green colour is well suited for this unit.

My favourite addition to this army has been the Malcador. It is a grossly underestimated tank. Sure it has basic armaments and less armour than a Russ, but it is durable-with double the Hull Points-and can fire all of its weapons independently, meaning if the dice gods are on my side it can result in four dead targets. It should also soak up a lot of fire that might otherwise be directed at the grunts. At the moment I only have the three Lascannons ready for use, but other armaments are in the works.

The paint scheme is identical to the Taurox Alpha, and considering there is almost a year's gap between painting the two vehicles, I am really happy with how similar they look; which can only help the theme.

I've added a few odd panels painted in a factory primer colour, which was made by mixing Scab Red and brown weathering powder. It also adds a neat texture. The model only needs a tiny bit of extra weathering before I can call it done, but considering how this vehicle started out like, I am amazed by the difference.

Finally we have this Hellhound. It started out as a Chimera, but since I plan on using modified Tauroxes as Chimera, this didn't fit the theme. So with some choice parts, it became a Hellhound variation.

The hull and turret are from Blood and Skulls Industry, with some fuel tanks used to cover the hole meant for hatches. The main gun was originally an Autocannon-like weapon, but it has been converted into an Inferno Cannon, in the guise of an Autocannon, much like the Soviet KV-8 which mounted a deadly flame-thrower disguised as a normal cannon. I think this look suits the army which has some influence from the Alpha Legion.

I am hoping to get this army finished before adding anything else, but as this blog shows, that is easier said than done. I have toyed with buying some Rapiers with Quad mortars to represent some Thud Guns, and some Plague Ogryns, because I like how Ogryns work for this army and they make for amazing bullet magnets.

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  1. Your filthy heretical mutant scum turned out quite nicely. The paint job does indeed tie them together into a cohesive force all together.