Sunday, 20 September 2015

Workshop Datalogs: September 2015

No matter how hard I try, I can't stuck to one project at a time. This week, I've been working on some 40k units; mainly the Land Raider Achilles, and finally getting around to making a crew for the Daemonkin Rapier platforms.

The tank is mostly done, and the main work now is to add little details here and there. One of the doors has been base coated yellow, in preparation for the warband's infinity-serpent icon. The door shown above has a tattered banner, which will be painted in pre-heresy colours. This tattered flag will serve as a reminder of the past, and the new, darker path the warband now treads.

For the Rapier crews, I've build Chaos Space Marines from a variety of spares. Kromlech Stygian heads, Spellcrow torsos and more were used in these models to make some unique models to go with my unique gun platforms.

I wanted a mix of technology and sorcery to represent how the gun 'carriages' are controlled. In this squad you'll see a mix of mystical smoke, auspexes, remotes and even a crystal ball, courtesy of a Necron. I'm a bit short on right arms currently, but all these models will be WYSIWYG.

To finish off this update, here's one last model: my old Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. With a recent Tzeentchy purchase, I has a few leftovers, and a few ideas. With a new head and Nagash's spare sword, I have managed to make a classic model fit my theme in a much better way. The bright colour scheme is something I plant to use on all of my daemonic models; the bright pink goes very well with the strong blue and yellow of my warband.

That is all for today, but keep a lookout on Facebook for more on these projects.


  1. Those look great, man! Always glad to see more KSons! :)

  2. The krom heads and bits on those guys just look so flipping awesome!

  3. More Thousand Sons is always good. I really am liking how you are combing the old and new models thoughout your blod.