Saturday, 3 October 2015

Review: Evil Craft Plasma Weapons

Plasma: it's in our blood, our TVs, and in the 41st millenium, our guns. Today's review sees me have a look at Evil Craft's renditions of one of 40k's most powerful and temperamental weapons. I'll be reviewing both the Chaos Plasma Rifles and Chaos Plasma Pistols, both intended for use on 28mm heroic villains.

Both sets retail for £5.50 at current exchange rates. The rifle set comes with four guns, two copies of two designs, whilst the pistols come in packs of six-two copies of three designs. Price-wise these are a premium product, much like Evil Craft's Range. When buying these, remember that you are buying quality and design. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives, but none of them compare to the level of detail you are buying here.

The detail and quality of the products remains top-notch. The barbed looks to the guns tie in well with current Chaos ranges, mimicking the designs used on other Evil Craft models. Their range is totally unified and fits well together, and these guns are no exception.

All these weapons were designed with Chaos Space Marines in mind, albeit true-scaled ones. Far too large for 'human' models, these weapons are just on the larger end of the scale; they will fit plastic Chaos models, with a tiny bit of tweaking These larger rifles also have potential for being vehicle-mounted: an idea I've had with regards to a new Chaos Contemptor.

The pistols, on the other hand, fit much better (tacked on for illustration). Being one handed weapons makes them far easier to fit, and don't look as oversized on normal-scaled models. These intricate pistols are perfect for sergeants, champions and lords of all flavours, as the designs scream chaos, but don't dedicate themselves to being overly mutated or run down. They are chaos at it's simplest, and that is good.

My favourite design of all three pistols is this one, featuring a daemonic skull in the muzzle/exhaust vents of the pistol.

These weapons are a fantastic special weapon for your chaotic forces. Since you shouldn't need too many (unless you're playing a Chosen-heavy Abaddon list), the pricing should be less of an issue. For your money though you do get exceptional sculpts with examples of the highest quality on the market.

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