Saturday, 24 October 2015

Review: Kromlech Morbid Praetorian Legs

The minions of the Plague Lord come in all shapes and sizes, from the minute Nurglings to the great blobs of pestilence known as the Great Unclean Ones. Today, I'll be looking at parts designed for Terminators: the larger, tougher Astartes units available to the forces of decay. Kromlech's Morbid Praetorian Legs are designed for the 2+ save making beasts, and straight out of the bag you can tell they are a fantastic addition to any Nurgle Terminator squad.

You get six sets of legs per pack, and they'll cost about £6.50 a pack. The cost is higher per part than other Kromlech legs sets , but they are for larger models. This should be enough for a standard Terminator box set, with one spare pair for perhaps a Terminator Sorcerer or Lord.

Three designs come in each pack, and truth be told they are all of great quality and the designs are suitable for their intended use. They mimic the styles of their other Morbid sets, only scaled up for Terminators. The details are still as intricate though, with fleshy growths, damaged riveted armour and chains helping to make some very detailed parts.

In terms of scale they are perfect for GW's Terminator models. Normal indented (bottom of torso) Terminator bodies should fit the hip ball-joint with no issues, and the legs themselves don't look short or oddly proportioned (barring the mutations). It's hard to see the final picture with this stock body, but I hope you can imagine the model in it's full glory once the top half is 'plagued up'.

They help convey the size and power of the Terminator. The models stand taller than a normal power armoured marine model, which is what you want for these elite troopers.

All-in-all these are a fun and easy addition to Nurgle-alligned Terminator units. The mix of broken armour and rotting mutations will make converting plague-ridden units a breeze, and the quality of Kromlech's work here is becoming the standard for the company. It's been a while since I've had a bad product come out of a third party, and I hope all these companies can keep this up.


  1. Argh they look awesome. If only they weren't Nurgle! I need good termi legs.

  2. amazing review and thank's for share it with us