Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Great Big Chaos Knight Build: Part One (Box Opening and Plans)

The death cry of my wallet could be heard at up to two miles away. I have done it: I bought a Knight. A project which I have longed to do, getting a new job gave me a good reason to celebrate by buying a big, lumbering walker of death; naturally.

 The kit is surprisingly compact, with everything you need on three sprues. I've opted for the standard one; it was £10 cheaper, and I don't need the other options anyway, as I cannot use them.

It comes with a lovely big base, which is crying out for a lavish scene to be played out. I have a busted up old Rhino so that will likely feature (a common them amongst Knight owners it seems).

The armour panels are huge, and will be great spaces to either create some freehand painted designs, or sculpt more intricate details.

The colour scheme will be a drastic change from both the Thousand Sons and the Vraksians: it will be white. I wanted a scheme that is clearly not affiliated with one Legion (much akin to how Imperial Knights generally are), but made it clear that it was a Tzeentch titan. I recently got into playing video games again, and this gave me the scheme I was longing for. I picked up a copy of the original Bayoneta (Think Devil May Cry but with witches and more pole-dancing)

 In the first fight I faced some low-level Angels (above), which looked uncannily familiar to Lords of Change . They also sported a white and Turquoise scheme, which I immediately liked. This, I decided, would be my scheme...

With the scheme sorted out, I can now start planning out the build. I'll be using the Forge World kit as inspiration, as well as the Tzeentch daemon range. The weapons will be magnetised so I can switch between the Warden and Paladin. I may end up canibalising my Forge Fiend for bits, as there is a good selection of items I can use: namely the Exhausts and back panel)

(Angel image property of Sega/Platinum Games)


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you can out out with that kit. I am opting for a complete scratch build as the main kit is too expensive, for me.

  2. Good lord Bayoneta, haven't heard that name in awhile!
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, your posts are full of inspiration; one day I hope to tackle my alpha legion, many of your ideas will be stolen, especially the vraks' as we all know the alpha love their agents and cultists.
    Personally I think you should stay away from the burnt out rhino base, it has become a bit overdone, you have the skills to kitbash some imp guard mutating under the influence of this giant beast of the changer of ways.
    Just my two cents I'm sure it will be gorgeous regardless