Saturday, 10 October 2015

Workshop Datalogs: October 2015

With the months getting darker and colder, now is a great time to get some progress made on my many (and possibly excessive number of) projects. Today's update contains a lot of projects, so I'll be short and sweet with them all.

First up is this lovable chappy: another Ferrus Infernum. This one differs from my Destroyer of Cities variant, as this one will be upgraded to a Lord of the Long War. This allows it to take and issue challenges, and if it should explode, could become a Daemon Prince.

The body is from an Ironclad Dreadnought, mounted on the legs of the classic Chaos Dreadnought. The engine had to be made from junk found about the workbench, including Dakkajet exhausts, a metal Dreadnought engine, and Ogryn gun magazines. With challenges in mind, this model has been equipped for close combat, and is armed with a Power Scourge for reducing WS, and a Thunder Hammer for smashing stuff. The arms are magnetised so I can swap them out for other weapons, perhaps making use of the Ferrus' BS5.

Next is another close combat unit: two mutilators. These were a couple of experimental models that I've grown to like. Based on a K'daii Fireborn's torso mounted on Terminator legs, these two fit in with my Daemon Prince and Terminator Price models. The white areas will becom green flames, to tie them in with the rest of the army.

A viewer of the blog recently asked about Ignis, my count-as Warsmith character from the Ahriman series of novels. Since the last update featuring him, he is about 90% compete. I've followed the book's description of the character. He wears orange and black terminator armour, and his face is covered in tattoos, which I have decided to pick out in blue.

Now, onto the Vraksians. I've been working on two new units for the army: a second mutant rabble, this time with autoguns, and a new Bloody Handed Reaver model. The Reaver is based on the Bloodstaker from the Age of Sigmar set, with a heavily customised Autogun made from various Skitarii weapons. The mutants are mainly Plaguebearers, with weapons have heads from the Skitarii set, with a few Pig Iron heads and Forge World autoguns. I want them to look rag-tag, so I've started sculpting clothes onto the Plaguebearer bodies; torn and rotten remains of their former lives.

With a week off between my current job and my new one, I plan to make a lot of headway on these projects, and hopefully cut down on what I have left to do before I go buying new stuff. Hah! Like that will happen...


  1. Yah for Ignis! Hope my own can match. Although I am missing any tendrils for him.

    Also your dread can count for Dreadtober and all!

  2. That dread is awesome Matt! You should join in #dreadtober!

  3. Fantastic looking dread! Great use of all those AoS bits on him and the task master

  4. Great stuff. Looking really sweet.

  5. What did you use as the basis of the Thunder Hammer on the Lord of the Long War Dread? Fantastic weapon

    1. Hi there Dave,

      I used an Ogryn power maul, with Warp talon jetpack stabilisers for the flanges. The arm part is plastic rods and cabling.