Sunday, 8 November 2015

Workshop Datalogs: November 2015

The last few weeks have been pretty mad. Not only have I had a great new job to get settled into, I've also bought a shiny new motor. With these two things, I've had little time to get an update out to you all. Still, today is a great chance to share with you what work I have managed to get done. I've been working on something pretty big, but first, the smaller stuff.

To help the girlfriend's Necrons out, I've build her two Wraiths, made from leftover components. Both are based on mechanical tails from Puppets War's Wraith stand-ins, with upper bodies from a couple of Necrons. The claws are from the same Puppets War kit. I really like how the cloaked one has come out: looks like a lesser-known hero type, akin to the Destroyer Lord. Once the other model gets arms, they will be painted up in a silver and ice-blue scheme.

Next up is the Lord of the Long War Dreadnought. It's 99% done (having received the final piece from a great fan, Timmo), and the only things left now are the optional weapons.

 I'll mostly run it with a Power Scourge and Thunder Hammer, but I've also made up a couple of ranged options, a twin Heavy Bolter and a Plasma Cannon.

Finally we have the big beast, my new Knight. Working on this thing has been such a pleasure, and has been the perfect platform to try out a few skills, including my sculpting and base-building.

A few choice parts helped create the look. The Exhausts were pilfered from my Forge Field (which will in turn get the knight's stacks). The clusters of spikes are actually Plaguebearer swords, and make for great spikes on a vehicle of this size. The Heavy Stubbers are Evil Craft Autocannons, and look great on this model with minimal work.

The armour panels are being left off for painting, but once it's all put together, it should make for a great centrepiece.

The next few weeks should be fun, and I hope to get a couple of these projects closer to complete before I get stuck into the upcoming Battle of Calth boxset.

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