Saturday, 19 December 2015

Review: Betrayal at Calth Boxset 2/2 (The game)

Last time, on Power Armoured Metal...

We had a look at the Betrayal at Calth boxset, looking in great detail at the contents. Today, I've had a go at the game, and have a few thoughts on how it plays, and how much fun I'd have.

 The game that comes with the set is vastly different to 40k. Gone are measuring tapes, armour saves and profiles (as we know them), and normal D6. In its place is an interesting hex-board orientated game, with simplified weapons, ranges and movement. The dice are also a bit odd, with a selection of symbols replacing the familiar dots.

Players are equipped with a selection of cards, including unit stats, tactical actions and attach actions, including the deadly rad grenade.

Each tile has a "unit cap" of three, making movement much more strategic. As much as two terminators would improve a situation, you can only fit in one, so players are required to be a bit more clever.

The game only comes with six missions, and no options for a generic beat-em-up (though I can't image it being hard to work it out). It was recently revealed that White Dwarf will be publishing a new scenario, so this could be the future for the game's expansion and continual updating.

All-in-all, the game is a refreshing change from 40k. From the smallest first scenario to the all-or-nothing finale, Battle at Calth is a fun little boxset that offers something a bit different.