Saturday, 24 December 2016

Workshop datalog: December 2016

With Christmas tomorrow and with 2016 nearly over, there's still a bit of time to squeeze an update in.

Most of this month has been taken up by terminators, and lots of them. Including new kits and old repair jobs, im up to about 20 terminators. Having tested out the sekhmet conclave,  im liking the idea of an even more elite force than I'm used to. An army entirely of 2+ saves, boosted toughness and tons of ap3 appeals to my gaming style. 

The latest recruits are based on my Calth set. These have never seen a game since i bougjt them so I might as well get some use out of them with the rubrics. 

I've built them with a heavy warpflamer and hellfyre rockets. 

The rockets were made from the grenade harness, plus some combi-bolter drums. Simple but effective.

To help support the terminator's advance,  I've started to resurrect my old demos predator, which has been in a sorry state for far too long. To keep it cheap it'll only have the automation and combined bolter, focusing on light armour and acting as a support vehicle rather than a full-on battle tank. The next job is to plate up the sides, covering the sponson holes.

As well as armour, sorcerers will support the scarab occult. Using bits from the exhalted sorcerer set, half a herald and an old disc, I've built up a functional but dynamic-looking sorcerer.  

One of the legs was missing from the herald, so a robotic replacement was made using a necron leg.

And that's it for today. I hope you all have a great Christmas, and that space Santa brings many great hobby gifts. 

Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: Wrath of Magnus

If you're a lifelong Thousand Sons player like myself, you'll agree that it's been so long since our bodiless automatons received any attention model-wise. With just over a week to digest the goodness, I'm about ready to give my thoughts on War zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus.

For £45 for the standard edition, it is a hefty investment. For your money you get two full codex-sized books, one full of story-developing fluff, the other a comprehensive supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Whilst this book does work on its own, you need the old chaos book for tanks and other units, as the new book only covers the shiny new models.

First the fluff. And without wanting to spoil anything, I will say it is fantastic story development, and the Space Wolves sure do get a good kicking. Magnus, the first ever daemon primarch to grace the 40k game (not epic!), is made out as the ultimate schemer, barring his chosen deity. He's also no slouch on the battlefield,  at one point (SPOILER ALERT)

...takes an orbital bombardment without so much as a broken bone. It's very rare you get a demi-god like this, and now he has rules  (yaaay!).

And speaking of rules, if you're you're a fan of low model, high powered units, this is your army. Sadly the Thousand Sons didn't go down in points,  but for the first time the basic squads have options, as well as new army units. Mini guns, flamers, beastmen and the Scarab Occult, we now have new units and rules to go with them.

On first impressions this army will dominate the psychic phase. From generating changes on a 3+ to ‘irresistible force’ powers, there are several formations and artifacts which means you can throw out a ton of sparks and flames. As well as this, all sorcerers have and success to a far superior tzeentch discipline, as well as access to all the major disciplines for higher ranked sorcerers.

If you want to add to your Thousand Sons or start an army of these guys, this book is essential. If you just want the rules, the chaos legions book is out and features the sons plus the other main baddies, but the fluff in this book is too good to miss.

Next time I'll be analysing the units and giving an example of a list I'll be trying next, as well as well as preview of the new units I've added.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Workshop Datalogs: November 2016

And I'm back folks!

In case you weren't aware, I've moved to the other side of town, quiet suburbia live, my own driveway for the ride, the works. But it hasn't left me much time to work on projects, hence a lack of updates. But now I'm pretty much settled, I've been having a modelling marathon. Here's but only a selection of works, with more planned for next week, including some heavy hitters.

Firstly we have some more firepower for the Vraksians. In-keeping with their theme I needed to choose weapons that lack the high-tech feel of plasma or melta. So missile launchers it is! This squad of three will help me tackle heavier armour, and allow me to lay down even more templates. The models are my old cultists, re-based on 60mm, with added Panzerfausts from Warlord Games. I think the low-tech feel to these anti-armour weapons really ties in nicely with the low-tech force.

Most of the models have a Panzerfaust or two strapped to their back, but some are about to fire. These guys required completely scratch-made hands to hold the weapons. To do this I glued the weapon to a handless arm, and used greenstuff to add fingers and a thumb around it.

 For the Thousand Sons, this week has seen a fantastic wave of new pre-orders and rules. One of my favourite things, besides the beautiful Scarab Occult, is that basic squads finally have weapons options, in the form of Warpflamers (which every model can take!) and Soulreaper Cannons.

I just had to have these weapons in my existing squads, but being an impatient sod I decided to make a pair out of bits I had lying around. Both of these guns are based on Heavy Bolters, with the rotating barrel sections from a Taurox's main gun. Greenstuff was used to sculpt fancy detailing.

There's also a new sorcerer joining one of the units. Based on a Grey Knight and Huron Blackheart, it will be leading one of the MKIII units of Rubrics, and given his taste for flames, it might end up being a Warpflamer unit.

We also have something bigger, yet another Helbrute for the army. This one is based on one of my all-time favourite pieces of fan art. Using a regular Dreadnought torso, Contemptor legs and Forgefield feet,

I think it's fairly close to the art, but also it's own unique thing. The Lascannon barrels were changed as the originals were damaged.

Finally, in the midst if Bloodbowl fever, I've built a random 'Chaos Allstar' player. Bsed on a Bloodbound soldier with added Greenstuff, it's more of a tiral piece than a new team, but who knows.

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Review: Blood and Skulls Industries 'Small' Heavy Weapons

Load up on ammo folks, we're going big game hunting! Today I'm reviewing a handful of 'small' heavy weapons, ideal for the smaller heavy weapons in our arsenals, such as Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannons and Lascannons. All of these weapons are from Blood and Skulls Industry's site.

 All of the weapons shown today I have classified as "small", and retail for about $5/£4 with our current suck-tastic exchange rate. Even with that in mind they are fairly cheap, as a lot of the weapons come in pairs. 

They all occupy the same footprint, with the same, identically sized space for a magnet. And because they all share the same basic footprint, they are all compatible with Blood and Skull's sponsons and turrets (the Turret I have demonstrated with has two slots, making for awesome twin or quad-linked weapons!

How could you not build something like this?! This would make for an interesting Stalker AA tank equivalent.

I would also add that even though they're smaller than other weapons I have lined up in a future review, they are by no means man portable, and best used just on vehicles. There are plenty of easier ways to get man-portable weapons.

The nice thing about these weapons is that because they all share the same footprint, and have spaces for magnets, they are an 'all options' player's dream. By making it so easy to switch weapons Blood and Skulls are onto a winner. It also saves modellers having to drill holes themselves.The weapons are both compatible with turrets and sponsons.

With plenty of options to choose from, Blood and Skulls has the guns to upgrade your tanks. If you are after infantry weapons, I'd look elsewhere, but these guns are sufficiently tough-looking, ideal for Imperial tanks, and come with easy mounting options.

Top pick: Gatling cannons. I mean, just look at them!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Armies on Parade: Emtries and Results

It's been a somewhat top-secret project, but now I can share with you my Armies on Parade entry, as well as a number of other entries from yesterday(I wasn't able to shoot them all, as some entrants left theirs a few days early, took pics, and had to go).

 Firstly, my entry. As you could expect, it's Thousand Sons. I ended up going for mostly Thousand Sons, in perfect blocks of nine, supported by daemons, cultists, and various ancient war-machines.

 My Original plan was to include a predator and Storm Eagle, but the Storm Eagle took up too much space, and I wasn't able to finish the predator in time. Still, I managed to paint, in only a few weeks:

  • 10 Thousand Sons
  • 10 Cultists (using 8)
  • Ahriman
  • Terminator sorcerer
  • Sicaran
  • Obliterator
  • Plus the board itself, which went through about three or four designs

Considering that's a pretty tight deadline by my standards, I'm happy with the results.

The centrepiece is most certainly the Sicaran. It painted up so well, and I think I've cracked the colour scheme for my tanks, using only a tiny bit of yellow (I may end up repainting the Rapier Vindicator to have a little less yellow.

 Whilst I'm no Forge World professional painter, I'm content with the results.I'm also super-happy with the skin tones on the more human models (detailed pics to come).

Overall it was a great project to work on, so let's see how we did. On the day I saw the following entries:

  • A classic/modern Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum force

  • A small but swift Dark Eldar force

  •  Space Hulk ships, Imperial and Eldar

  • Some retro-looking cave goblins
As well as this, there was also a later entry of a Space Marine flyer force, a grot army which was entered a few days prior, and a Dealwatch/Knight display in the main window. I was super-impressed with the amount of imagination and custom terrain work that went into all the entries.
So, how did I do? Well.....drum-roll.......pause for effect.....

......still pausing....


Yes, not expecting to win, and extremely optimistic for bronze, a silver medal was handed to me, based on the total in-store and online votes. Bronze went to the Dark Eldar force, but a deserving gold went to the guard army. It was a fantastic mix of retro Cadians, modern tanks, and a well assembled board made near-enough from scratch.

So, my first Armies on Parade, and my first medal in, well, anything. What about next year, you ask? Well, I have plans, You'll have to stick around to find out more. 

More pictures from the day can be found on the Warhammer-Scarborough page, as well as some of the other entries I couldn't get pics for. 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Workshop datalogs: September 2016

It's been a while since my last post now, but today I'll be making an effort to catch up and return to a more normal schedule. Since my last post I've made my first ever trip to Warhammer World (a pilgrimage finally fulfilled) and bought some sweet new units, including something limited edition.

First I'll start off with the trip. Upon seeing the blue Rhino out the front I knew I was in for a good day. With plenty to do, see, and critically for GW, buy, Warhammer World is certainly a place you need to visit at least once.

Me and the fiance managed to book one of the tables, Shrine World, for a small Chaos V Necrons game. It was a great excuse to try out some of my newer units, including the Decimator and Cultists.

In the end it resulted in a draw, but it was a beautifully crafted board with tons of tall scenery I've never had an opportunity to use. I did, however, want to play on the Zone Mortalis board next to me, but it wasn't available for my time slot.

As well as the gaming, there were the displays. £7.50 per person is on the steep side, but those displays were some of the biggest and best I've seen, and it allows you multiple trips around the five areas. IT's amazing to consider how many models had to be built, painted, positioned and repositioned before everything was spot on.

There were big displays for Age of Sigmar, 40k and the Horus Heresy, as well as recent and past Golden Daemon winners.

Finally, the stores. I pretty much ignored the Warhammer section, as I can get most of it at my local store, instead bee-lining for Forge World. Without the 12% shipping fees it's a much more attractive option.

I ended up buying this, a Sicaran. A fast, heavily armed and vicious heavy tank, it's a great addition to the army. Armed with the impressive Accellerator Autocannon (6 twin linked rending autocannon shots that ignore jink? Yes please!) and three heavy bolters to back it up, it is likely to decimate both infantry and light tanks (even heavy tanks aren't safe with that much rending).

I've also adorned it with a dirge caster on top, to help my assault elements survive reactionary fire before a charge.

As well as the tank I've finally got my hands on the renegade Librarian model, for retail price! Surprisingly the FW store has a few of these guys, plus the other limited edition Praetor, on general sale, so I snapped one with without a second thought.

The model is near-perfect, so all I did was make the axe a bit more Thousand Sons-like with a Tomb Kings part, and added half a brass etch star to the shoulder pad.

Alongside the Forge World model I've built yet another sorcerer. This one will be run as a non-tzeentch one, so I can maximise on powers from the new, exciting chaos astartes disciplines (especially Heretech). I pan to paint him up in a dark grey or black. Fluff-wise he's a lone traveller selling his services for magical trinkets.

That's all for today, but be sure to follow the Facebook page for more updates and pictures.

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Road to Glory: Armies on Parade Part Two

With the weeks counting down to my first Armies on Parade, I'm been kicking it up a gear with the work on my display. The board itself will be kept secret for now. It's nothing mind-blowing in my opinion, but I have to keep something a surprise.

First we have some new cultists, made from the Silver Tower acolytes (and a couple of Bloodbound to fill the ranks). With a few guns here and there they make for fantastic Cultists. A white and yellow colour scheme also picks them out against the azure-clad might of the Thousand Sons.

Next is the Predator-Russ hybrid tank. The sponsons and hull have been completed, which really helps to make this stand out more against a basic Russ. A few details need to be added before it goes under the paintbrush.

The Front plate has been made to look like a Rhino, with a similar lower armour plate and visors.

I've gone for a Mars-Alpha style hull extension to help differentiate it. The exhaust has been chopped up into a Panzer IV-style exhaust and a new engine filter, using a grill from a Space Marine backpack. The sponsons are magnetised so I can swap them for heavy bolters, when I get around to building some.

And who will lead this mighty force? Why none other than Ahriman of course. I've brought Ahriman back, in new, shiny armour. Based on the new Watch Commander, this version of Ahriman does not have the Black Staff, as I wanted this to be a force based before the creation of the staff, and the events of Ahirman: Sorcerer. It'll be one of the key features of my display.