Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015: A Year In Review (Top 10 Posts)

Another year over, another one to look forward to. Before we move on to our top 10 posts I'd just like to say I've had a crazy year full of change, but I want to thank you all for continuing to support this blog, and I hope you'll enjoy what I have planned this year. Despite my new, exciting job getting in the way of regular updates, I'm planning to implement a return to regular updates, likely at the weekend. So sit back, and have a read through last year's top 10 posts, based on both popularity and general interactivity.

10-Daemonkin Rapiers

Starting off our list is one of my favourite conversions: daemonic Rapier platforms. Until recently they've had no crew to man them, but very shortly I'll be revealing the finished squad, in all of their death-dealing glory.

9-Skitarii review

The Mechanicum got some love last year, and finally got their own releases in plastic. Their basic troop set was in the limelight this time, and it proved to be a fun and popular piece.

8-Blood and Skulls Oppressor Tracks review

Proof that this company makes great parts year on year (they also featured in last year's list), this review was a popular update, with several people asking about the tracks. They were fantastic to work with, and work well for any tracked Chaos vehicles.

7-Betrayal at Calth 

One of this year's biggest releases: the first of what could be a long line of plastic Horus Heresy Sets. As a fan of HH, I just had to try it out. The models were amazing, as what the board game that came with it.

6-Kromlech Cyber Samurai review

Kromlech's Cyber Samurai parts were great items to review, and with a middle-place on this list, you thought so too.

5-Renegades and Heretics elites review

This post details the heretic's Elites choices, showcasing some fun builds in an expansive armylist with tons of potential.

4-Dark Skitarii WIP

This was the second update for the Dark skitarii force, and details how I planned to run the army. Whilst the army hasn't been worked on in a while, it's popularity suggests that I aught to get back to them soon.

3-Review of IA: Thirteen

A fantastic book I still enjoy flicking through, Imperial Armour Volume Thirteen is a great resource, that many of you enjoyed reading my thoughts on. With its arrival, the Thousand Sons have seen exceptional change (pun somewhat intended), with new units and exciting upgrades. The fact it is also one the limited edition copies makes it all the more special to me.

2-Dark Skitarii Vs Necrons

Our penultimate post was a small but fun battle report: my Dark Skitarri mantiple versus the girlfriend's winter Necrons. Suffice to say I lost, but it was a fun game anyway.

1-Age of Sigmar: My Return to Fantasy

Number one goes to GW's biggest announcement: the death of Fantasy Battles. What rose from the ashes was Age of Sigmar, a much more simplified war-game, which despite being perhaps over-simplified, is quite fun. It caught my attention, and even drew me away from Chaos for a bit. I hope to get the vampires and skeletons out again shortly, now that a GW has opened locally.

The new year

So, that's the past, what about the future? Well, I have a few projects currently on the go, including yet another Chaos Dreadnought (I could run a mayhem pack if I wanted to).

I've also finished updating a Thousand Sons squad to be both on the bigger 32mm bases, and with an updated colour scheme to match my recent heroes. The whole army will be getting this treatment, so stay tuned for more updated squads shortly (and a great product to make things easier).

With that, I wish you all a fantastic 2016. I hope you continue to enjoy and support the blog this year and years to come.

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  1. Good stuff, man! I always enjoy your posts, and look forward to reading more in 2016!