Sunday, 10 January 2016

WIP: MKIII Thousand Sons Upgrade

A new years is a great time for new starts. Whilst I don't really want to start yet another army, I would like to update my main one; the Thousand Sons. Some of my more recent works have sported a new yellow-blue split scheme, so I've gone back to a few of my older models, and applied this new colour scheme. First to go under the brush were the MKIII Thousand Sons.

 In general, it was quite an easy job. The left side of the models were given a coat of Averland Sunset, followed by Flash Gitz Yellow, a brown wash, and more Gitz to tidy up.

To help make the blue pop some more, it got a glaze of Guilliman Blue. This helped shade the model and really does help to show off the details of the Forge World parts. The next step on these guys is to reapply the logo, now in blue.

Another change I made was putting the models on 32mm bases. But rather than rip them off and repase them, I had a convenient set from my Christmas haul: a set of Tabletop Adaptors from Bitzbox, which offer an easy way to make 25mm into 32mm.

The adaptors went on without a hitch, and although a bit of liquid greenstuff if needed to fill in the gaps, it's a far easier way to re-base Marines, and cuts out the risk of damaging models. With a bit of paint, the adaptors blended in well with the original base work.

Finally, for today's update, a new member joins the Sons. This MKIV Ironclad was a nice Birthday present from the missus, and with a few chaotic components, it looks the part. I just want to add a few bits of brass etch to make it clear that it is a chaos vehicle.

As usual, keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter, and I'll be back next week with more chaotic goodness.

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