Sunday, 17 January 2016

Workshop Datalogs: January 2016

A new year is upon us, and already the plastic factory is running at full blast. Today's update features missiles, heresy and super-heavies.

With a distinct lack of AA in my list, as well as heavier weapons, I've decided to strike two Storm Talons with one stone, and have made a missile Havoc squad. In-game, they will have all three missile varieties (flak, krak and frag), giving them the tools to take on any target.

The models are based on recycled Dark Vengeance chosen, with Horus Heresy missile launchers (and a chaos one kindly donated by another gamer). The champion has a combi plasma in case of Terminator attacks.

Something a little bigger now, and intended for my Horus Heresy Thousand Sons (but might end up in the Chaos force), a Malcador. This one will be very different. Firstly, it's a scratch-build. Secondly, it will be made to look more like existing Space Marine vehicles, so expect to see clear hints of Land Raider once the side panels are fabricated.

Finally, we have the big boy, the Chaos Knight. The main colours have been added, and now it's just a case of painting up the remaining armour, weathering and final details, then I can bring it out for some action. I've recently joined a campaign, so I may finally get to use this beast and wreck some Imperials. But since we start at 600 points, it's a while off.

My plan for the next week is to finish the havocs, and make more progress in the Malcador (I should hopefully be getting more parts for it soon). Until next time, FOR THE DARK GODS!

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