Sunday, 7 February 2016

Reivew: Blood and Skulls Industry Double Sponsons Beta

Many of the tanks in 40k are armed with sponson mounted secondary (sometimes primary) weapons. It's important to house them in something strong, both in-game and in the real world. As lovely as Forge World Deimos weapons are, they are fragile. So here's a nice third party alternative for your viewing pleasure.

 These sponsons, the Double Beta, cost around £11.05 for a pair, and are suitable for larger tanks such as the Land Raider. Their shape makes them unsuitable for Baneblades (without modification, the Alpha is a better option) The sponsons don't some with locating pegs, so a good bit of eye-work and guessing is needed to ensure that they line up right, but it does make it compatible with other ranges of tanks with only a bit of work.

The kit is fairly straightforward to put together, with each sponson made up of seven parts. There are no instructions but it's fairly straightforward to work out anyway.

In all honesty the above part could have been reworked from five parts to three, but I guess it helps with modifying the angles of the guns.

The kit doesn't come with guns, but it's very easy to add your own (a selection of weapons are also available from Blood and Skulls). The kit includes recessed holes for magnets, or you could glue weapons directly to the weapon mounts, which swivel left and right once assembled.

On the tank they have a MKIIB feel to them, though much shorter. Still, there's plenty of surface area to glue them onto the tank. For more strength, either pinning them,or gluing a door on first for more surface area, will help.

If you're after some tough-looking armoured gun-mounts, then these offerings will do a great job of that. The weapon mounts maybe slightly over-engineered, but that's airways prefered over an under-designed mono-part upgrade.

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