Monday, 22 February 2016

WIP: Idolator MKII (Part 2)

The Idolator MKII is the result of experimentation, canibalisation of machine spirits, and complete disregard of the teachings of Mars.

Each Idolator starts off as a Leman Russ, Chimera, or similarly-sized Imperial vehicle. The armour plating is removed and replaced with Astates grade plating, typically Plasteel or bonded Ceramite, depending on availability. The more a warband pays, the better stock they get in return. The engines are upgraded to ensure greater speed and reliability. Advanced filtration systems are added when the vehicles are expected to battle in high-pollution or desert landscapes.

In terms of armaments, most are equipped with the potent Demolisher Cannon; an easily available, deadly siege gun. However, a number are equipped with the Xana V Lascannon array. A hellish-six-barrelled laser weapon, the laser weapon is equal in power to the venerable Rapier Lascannon, once a common sight in Imperial forces. Despite it's potency, it is a volatile weapon. At full power it has been known to overheat and occasionally explode. To help combat this, Idolators with the Xana V have additional ventalation systems fitted to the flank of the vehicle. It makes the weapon more vulnerable to enemy fire, but anything facing the barrels is unlikely to survive.

Idolators, though rarely seen, has proven to be a potent machine. in M38.91, a pair of Xana Idolators in hiding brought down the venerable Knight Immortal Reverance, in a cascade of light. The helm of this famous titan now hangs from the prow of Eternal Torment, in tow with the Thousand Sons of the Heralds of Change warband.

The two tanks, once a pair of Leman Russes, now sport a strikingly different look. This week's seen some of the final pieces of the puzzle fit in.

The main gun issue has been solved. I've used a pair of Hades Autocannons to represent the Rapier guns. The barrel size is close to FW-scale Lascannons, so in terms of weapon size it should be just fine. I'll add in some extra cabling to make it appear more integrated. Both tanks have added Havoc Launchers for any leftover infantry. The left-side one was missing a front plate and mount, so those have been custom made.

For the engine, the system's been completed with exhausts from a Knight titan; leftover from the Chaos Knight conversion. A fuel barrel and mounts help finish off the back end.

The final stage of the build is a ton of rivets (fun!). Once that job is done the paint schemes can be applies and the tanks will be ready for their first games.


  1. Very cool builds, man! Really dig how those are coming along!