Sunday, 6 March 2016

WIP: Refurbished Thousand Sons (Next 200 points)

This weekend saw me trial the first 600 points of my refurbished models in a game against the might of the Tau Empire. A close battle, which saw a 6-4 victory for the Sons.

 The game highlighted a few weak-points in the army thus far: numbers and anti-armour. Today's update shows my plans of the next 200 points of this campaign list.

First up is a 14-man unit of Autogun cultists. This should help me tackle the numbers issue, and give the force a good objective-holding unit. They are made from a mix of classic guard models, current models, and third party arms and heads. I only have the basecoat and a wash on, but these will be painted in light colours suitable for desert environments. Blue and yellow shoulder armour will help tie them into the army.

Next up is one (of several) Obliterators. After seeing some amazing conversions on the GW newspage using a mix of Centurions and Helbrute parts, I was motivated to get back to work on my original Centurion/Obliterator conversions.

To replicate similar results, new trim has been added to nearly every panel. This has been sculpted in the style of newer chaos models to help tie it in with the army. It is taking a long time to do, but once painted it should look great in this army's colours.

The remaining points will be spent on upgrades for the army, including a better invulnerable save for the sorcerer lord or a second mastery level.

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  1. Nice work man! Loving that GS trim work - awesome!