Sunday, 8 May 2016

WIP Thousand Sons Support Units (Chosen and Contemptor

The first stages of the Thousand Sons refurbishment have been going fairly well, and performs alright in matches. A win, followed by a couple of draws against Tau and Mechanicum, has given me a few ideas on where to expand. Previously I've added cultists and obliterators, but now my mind is set on the next units after that, where I think I'll need extra help against hordes and heavy armour.

 To solve the first problem, I've build these guys: a squad of chosen armed with flamers. A squad full of templates is a fantastic tool against Orks, Tyranids and other horde units. If I get the infiltrate trait (or take Ahriman), I can image a lot of fun going down.

The models are mostly based on Space Marine Sternguard, with some 30k Flamers, Chaos backpacks and Thousand Sons/third party bits thrown into the mix. The Chapmion is a Chaos Sorcerer with a power fist and bolt pistol replacing the standard weapons. The bases are MDP Chapel Ruins in 32mm.

Next is my new favourite model, a Thousand Sons Contemptor. Though magnetised for any and all load-outs, I've gone with double multi-meltas, firstly because I already had one from the Betrayal at Calth Contemttor, and that saved me £9.50, and also because this load-out is the cheapest, a very good option against tanks. It's short ranged, but I think this could be counteracted with good movement, or use of my Dreadclaw.

The base model is very detailed and didn't require much work. I've added a pair of tzeentch icons to the shoulders, and a brazier to the hull. A couple more chaotic icons and trophies will be added, but I don't want to go overboard with it. The winged scarab will stay on the model, as it's a nice detail and doesn't necessarily say 'Imperium', especially when painted in the same style as the head dress (now referred to as the 'angry bunny' by the missus).

For the base I plan to sculpt hills and cliffs, burying some of the debris, which includes old tank track casts (failed track cast attempts) and some Taurox bits.

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  1. They are coming together nicely. Are you going to be adding some colour to the flamers to help make them stand out from the standard Rubricae?

    1. Might add a bit of brass to the guns and maybe a different icon to the infinity symbol I'm using :)

      Matt-Power Armoured Metal

  2. Wow that contemptor looks AWESOME!