Saturday, 28 May 2016

WIP: Thousands Sons Terminators

I realised the other day that whilst this army is fairly tough, it is lacking elite close-combat units and 2+ saves. So how do I fix this? a big blob of Terminators.


A while ago I bought, built and painted some Tartaros Terminators, though weirdly I didn't do much of a post on them (apart from this WIP from 2013). After very little use in their previous load out, they found themselves wallowing at the bottom of a spares box of abandoned projects. No more!

I thought I'd make them bigger and better, and to showcase the nature of Chaos, the armour has been mixed up, and is now a mix of Tartaros, Cataphractii, Indomitus and Aegis Patterns. A few non-terminator parts were thrown into the mix to create a unique squad of six, with enough spares to add a few more later on.

I went to a more streamlined load out with this new squad, and most are armed with twin linked Bolters and power swords, with a few power fists dotted about, and a Reaper Autocannon for heavier targets.This was made from a spare Grav Cannon, aluminium tubes and green stuff.

The Champion is my favourite model of the unit (the Reaper being a close second). It was made using the lower half of captain Lysander (heresy!), the back of a Grey Knight Terminator, the front of a Thousand Sons Sorcerer, Cataphractii arms and Tartaros shoulders.

The ultimate plan for this unit is to either mount it in a Spartan or Storm Eagle for normal games, and something much, much bigger for large games...