Saturday, 2 July 2016

Review: Limited Edition Forge World Terminator Praetor (Plus Conversion)

Last week was a first for Games Workshop, Forge World available to buy in store! whether it was an attempt to gauge interest, or a unique event, it was a great opportunity to review another limited model.

At £25, it's about standard fayre for a Forge World Terminator-sized character (and not far off plastic). The model comes in a giant suit of Tartaros Terminator Armour, and is armed with a Paragon Blade. It comes in eight parts, including a semi-scenic base. The model also comes with rules for its use on games of Horus Heresy (40k rules were given out if you spent over £60 in store).

Weirdly the arms aren't totally separate: one arm up to the elbow is attached to the torso, which comes with a separate chest plate.

Whilst there aren't any real posing opportunities in the kit with major work, it does have a great pose: the model striding forth with blade in hand.

The model is quite large, easily dwarfing my Forge World psyker...

...and even Space Marines. Note that this space marine has had a leg extension and a large flaming power pack!

As you should all know by now, I cannot leave a model unconverted. This wasn't my only purchase of the week, ad I also bought a Burning Chariot set. I'm sure you can guess what happened next..

...This! Another suitable imposing Sorcerer for the Thousand Sons. Using parts from the Burning Chariot (as well as a fantasy chaos lord's head) I've made a suitable chaotic, and daemonic, denizen of the Warp.

The model will help tie in my allied force of daemons with the Thousand Sons. Fluff wise this is a powerful summoner who's responsible for the daemons appearance. In-game it functions as a normal Burning chariot (or a Herald where needed), but with the option to use it on foot.

Overall it is a model that converts really well (even for chaos). Next up is paint, and I imagine that this model will be great to paint. If you're one of the lucky few to grab one, you have a great model that will look fantastic in any Space Marine force, heresy or otherwise.


  1. Niiiiice! I really dig that conversion - Might have to pick up a burning chariot for bits, that's super cool!

    1. Thanks :) Having seen your amazing conversion, I now thing that this guy is what happened to him post heresy ;) -Matt

  2. The nature of attaching the arms in that way seems very FW, given they've a number of monopose models like the Legion specific troops and the like; that said, those mostly come in one chunk, so I have to imagine this guy, with his changeable breastplaste and the like, was made with conversions in mind, or a GW crowd more familiar with the options/constructions in plastic.