Sunday, 31 July 2016

Road to glory: Armies of Parade Part One

I love the creativity and ideas that flood the net when Armies on Parade arrived. And now that my town has a local GW store, I can have a crack at it.

My first thing to work out was a theme. It's easy to plonk an army on a board, but having a coherent theme really does help create a great scene. I've decided to go for the events from Ahriman: Unchanged, when Ahriman's band of sorcerers returns to the Planet of the Sorcerers to undo the first Rubric. I want to create models of all the main characters on Ahriman's side, plus infantry and vehicle support. I have a bit of a head start on this, as some of my existing models can be used. So far I've worked out the following:

  • Ahriman-I'll either modify an existing GW Ahriman model, or convert my own.

  • Ignis-I actually made a start on Ignis months back, as part of a planned smaller diorama. The base model is an Iron Father, but since the picture was taken the model now has Cataphractii lightning claws, which match the book's description. The arms are new so will need painting to match the torso, as Ignis is described as having bright orange and black Terminator armour
  • Credence-Ignis' faithful robotic companion. Based on the book's description, in terms of weapons (two fists with in-built flamers and a shoulder-mounted cannon) the best starting point will be a Castellax Battle Automata. Like ignis this will also be orange.

  • Ctesias-From the book this character has a staff and rides a disc, so my current Disc Sorcerer will be a perfect stand-in
  • The Athenaum-Magnus' Knowledge locked in the shell of a Sanakht. This one will be interesting, as I want the model to be unarmoured. I am still of two minds whether to include this model. For compelteness' sake I still may.
  • Gaumata-Essentially a sorcerer with a mourning star. Should be fun to convert, this guy will lead a unit of Thousand Sons
  • The Changling-Whilst in no way in Ahriman's side, it would be tempting to have this guy skulking in the background, as it played a key role in the book.
Alongside these characters I'll be adding some Rubric and daemon support. The daemons will surround Ctesias as he summoned them to the planet during the novel's events, whilst every unit that can be will be in blocks on nine, Tzeentch's favoured number.

All I have to show you now is a very rough sketch (not to scale), but over the coming weeks I'll certainly have more to show. 

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  1. This sounds amazing, and a lovely way to celebrate the novel!