Sunday, 24 July 2016

Workshop Datalogs: July 2016

This month has been a flurry of activity, with both the Thousand Sons and Undead receiving a lot of attention.

After completing the Contemptor, I've moved onto the next Forge World model in line, the limited edition Praetor. Painting up this model has been a joy, and I'm coming very close to completing it, with only a few details to go. What's more, I've also been working on its alternate 'base'.

As well as being a Sorcerer model, I can use it as a herald or burning chariot. Two pins and matching holes have been drilled into the disc and the sorcerer's right foot, ensuring I have a stable connection with either the disc or a normal 40mm base.

Next up is a unit of Warp Talons, brought back from the dead (Well, bits box). I've managed to put together a unit of seven, with an imposing champion which uses Asorath the Grim's wings, Forsaken helmet, and Necron tabbard. I did try going for multi-coloured wings on the champion, but it wasn't working out so I'm now going for crystal clean white feathers.

Alongside the Thousand Sons, I've been painting up this Tomb Stalker for the other half. An Ebay salvage job, the model was originally painted in a gold and silver scheme, with broken legs. With some TLC, base reworking and a new paint job, it's really starting to come together. For added structural support, the base was built up using smaller chunks of cork, and an old Leman Russ turret.

Next, some Age of Sigmar. Yesterday saw the release/re-box of some mono-pose Stormcast and Bloodbound model. I bought the Storm of Sigmar set for £20, which represents a 50% discount over buying the four component sets individually. The models are fantastic, being the same as the ones in the starter set, but none of them were going in my Death force stock...

So now they form the start of a unit of Grave Guard with great weapons. The models are big, imposing, and slowly look a bit more like the skeletal remains of the warriors they once were. Many have has their feet chopped off, and replaced with sculpted bony toes (a tutorial for this will likely come out soon). A head swap and a few cuts later, they are slowly looking the part. The next step is ensuring the armour looks suitably beaten and old.

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