Sunday, 14 August 2016

Showcase: Chaos Dameons of Tzeentch and Forge World Terminator Lord

The Daemon allied force I've begun to use has proved very effective. The cheap, powerful units of Pink Horrors plugs a neat gap in my Thousand Sons force. This week, I have finished a unit of Pink Horrors and a new Herald, as well as my limited edition Terminator.

The Pink Horrors are the classic Diaz sculpts, my favourite released. Finding enough models was hard, but lately I've managed to find another ten for a bargain price, so they will be soon stripped down and painted in the new scheme. I went for a flesh-colour rather than the typical florescent pink, as I feel it gives off a much creepier vibe.

This unit also features a pair of even older models, to help fill out the unit size to its minimum.

Alongside the Horrors is their Herald, both to help improve nearby units with Divination rolls, as well as his exalted locus for a base strength ten attach with the unit (which has proved incredibly effective against units and even light vehicles).The model is one of the Pink Horrors from the Silver Tower boxed game. A joy of a model to paint, and even if it is a two-part mono-pose, the details are fantastic, and in the same scheme works really well. The 32mm base also helps identify him for wounds purposes.

Finally with have this big guy, the limited edition Terminator Praetor. Now a fully fledged Tzeentchian sorcerer, this model will form part of my Armies on Parade entry. Whilst not representing any character from the Ahriman series, I'll find a use: perhaps as part of a small Terminator unit.

Next on the list is so finish the centrepiece for my display. More on that soon....


  1. Love the sorcerer! Such a characterful conversion...Where's the burning mace head from?

    1. Hi Phil. Happy to hear you live the conversion! The mace head is actually a Herald of Tzeentch's hand (with crystal ball) from the Burning Chariot set

  2. Not sure how I missed this post - Those look fantastic, man! I really dig how the conversion on the Tartaros Praetor model turned out, I am definitely going to have to follow suit!