Sunday, 11 September 2016

Road to Glory: Armies on Parade Part Two

With the weeks counting down to my first Armies on Parade, I'm been kicking it up a gear with the work on my display. The board itself will be kept secret for now. It's nothing mind-blowing in my opinion, but I have to keep something a surprise.

First we have some new cultists, made from the Silver Tower acolytes (and a couple of Bloodbound to fill the ranks). With a few guns here and there they make for fantastic Cultists. A white and yellow colour scheme also picks them out against the azure-clad might of the Thousand Sons.

Next is the Predator-Russ hybrid tank. The sponsons and hull have been completed, which really helps to make this stand out more against a basic Russ. A few details need to be added before it goes under the paintbrush.

The Front plate has been made to look like a Rhino, with a similar lower armour plate and visors.

I've gone for a Mars-Alpha style hull extension to help differentiate it. The exhaust has been chopped up into a Panzer IV-style exhaust and a new engine filter, using a grill from a Space Marine backpack. The sponsons are magnetised so I can swap them for heavy bolters, when I get around to building some.

And who will lead this mighty force? Why none other than Ahriman of course. I've brought Ahriman back, in new, shiny armour. Based on the new Watch Commander, this version of Ahriman does not have the Black Staff, as I wanted this to be a force based before the creation of the staff, and the events of Ahirman: Sorcerer. It'll be one of the key features of my display.


  1. Good work. Really liking your Ahriman.

  2. Niiiiice! I really dig the Leman Russ conversion and Ahriman is looking great!