Sunday, 25 September 2016

Workshop datalogs: September 2016

It's been a while since my last post now, but today I'll be making an effort to catch up and return to a more normal schedule. Since my last post I've made my first ever trip to Warhammer World (a pilgrimage finally fulfilled) and bought some sweet new units, including something limited edition.

First I'll start off with the trip. Upon seeing the blue Rhino out the front I knew I was in for a good day. With plenty to do, see, and critically for GW, buy, Warhammer World is certainly a place you need to visit at least once.

Me and the fiance managed to book one of the tables, Shrine World, for a small Chaos V Necrons game. It was a great excuse to try out some of my newer units, including the Decimator and Cultists.

In the end it resulted in a draw, but it was a beautifully crafted board with tons of tall scenery I've never had an opportunity to use. I did, however, want to play on the Zone Mortalis board next to me, but it wasn't available for my time slot.

As well as the gaming, there were the displays. £7.50 per person is on the steep side, but those displays were some of the biggest and best I've seen, and it allows you multiple trips around the five areas. IT's amazing to consider how many models had to be built, painted, positioned and repositioned before everything was spot on.

There were big displays for Age of Sigmar, 40k and the Horus Heresy, as well as recent and past Golden Daemon winners.

Finally, the stores. I pretty much ignored the Warhammer section, as I can get most of it at my local store, instead bee-lining for Forge World. Without the 12% shipping fees it's a much more attractive option.

I ended up buying this, a Sicaran. A fast, heavily armed and vicious heavy tank, it's a great addition to the army. Armed with the impressive Accellerator Autocannon (6 twin linked rending autocannon shots that ignore jink? Yes please!) and three heavy bolters to back it up, it is likely to decimate both infantry and light tanks (even heavy tanks aren't safe with that much rending).

I've also adorned it with a dirge caster on top, to help my assault elements survive reactionary fire before a charge.

As well as the tank I've finally got my hands on the renegade Librarian model, for retail price! Surprisingly the FW store has a few of these guys, plus the other limited edition Praetor, on general sale, so I snapped one with without a second thought.

The model is near-perfect, so all I did was make the axe a bit more Thousand Sons-like with a Tomb Kings part, and added half a brass etch star to the shoulder pad.

Alongside the Forge World model I've built yet another sorcerer. This one will be run as a non-tzeentch one, so I can maximise on powers from the new, exciting chaos astartes disciplines (especially Heretech). I pan to paint him up in a dark grey or black. Fluff-wise he's a lone traveller selling his services for magical trinkets.

That's all for today, but be sure to follow the Facebook page for more updates and pictures.

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  1. Lovely pics all 'round, man - really dig the Sicaran and the updates to the librarian model are fantastic!