Sunday, 6 November 2016

Review: Blood and Skulls Industries 'Small' Heavy Weapons

Load up on ammo folks, we're going big game hunting! Today I'm reviewing a handful of 'small' heavy weapons, ideal for the smaller heavy weapons in our arsenals, such as Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannons and Lascannons. All of these weapons are from Blood and Skulls Industry's site.

 All of the weapons shown today I have classified as "small", and retail for about $5/£4 with our current suck-tastic exchange rate. Even with that in mind they are fairly cheap, as a lot of the weapons come in pairs. 

They all occupy the same footprint, with the same, identically sized space for a magnet. And because they all share the same basic footprint, they are all compatible with Blood and Skull's sponsons and turrets (the Turret I have demonstrated with has two slots, making for awesome twin or quad-linked weapons!

How could you not build something like this?! This would make for an interesting Stalker AA tank equivalent.

I would also add that even though they're smaller than other weapons I have lined up in a future review, they are by no means man portable, and best used just on vehicles. There are plenty of easier ways to get man-portable weapons.

The nice thing about these weapons is that because they all share the same footprint, and have spaces for magnets, they are an 'all options' player's dream. By making it so easy to switch weapons Blood and Skulls are onto a winner. It also saves modellers having to drill holes themselves.The weapons are both compatible with turrets and sponsons.

With plenty of options to choose from, Blood and Skulls has the guns to upgrade your tanks. If you are after infantry weapons, I'd look elsewhere, but these guns are sufficiently tough-looking, ideal for Imperial tanks, and come with easy mounting options.

Top pick: Gatling cannons. I mean, just look at them!


  1. Awesomeness! I am a huge fan of the Blood and Skulls kits, always happy to see other folks using 'em!

    1. Some very good stuff indeed! Got some wheel sets to review soon, and they may or may not become mad-max warbuggues for my wasteland humans-(count as ork) army :)