Sunday, 16 October 2016

Armies on Parade: Emtries and Results

It's been a somewhat top-secret project, but now I can share with you my Armies on Parade entry, as well as a number of other entries from yesterday(I wasn't able to shoot them all, as some entrants left theirs a few days early, took pics, and had to go).

 Firstly, my entry. As you could expect, it's Thousand Sons. I ended up going for mostly Thousand Sons, in perfect blocks of nine, supported by daemons, cultists, and various ancient war-machines.

 My Original plan was to include a predator and Storm Eagle, but the Storm Eagle took up too much space, and I wasn't able to finish the predator in time. Still, I managed to paint, in only a few weeks:

  • 10 Thousand Sons
  • 10 Cultists (using 8)
  • Ahriman
  • Terminator sorcerer
  • Sicaran
  • Obliterator
  • Plus the board itself, which went through about three or four designs

Considering that's a pretty tight deadline by my standards, I'm happy with the results.

The centrepiece is most certainly the Sicaran. It painted up so well, and I think I've cracked the colour scheme for my tanks, using only a tiny bit of yellow (I may end up repainting the Rapier Vindicator to have a little less yellow.

 Whilst I'm no Forge World professional painter, I'm content with the results.I'm also super-happy with the skin tones on the more human models (detailed pics to come).

Overall it was a great project to work on, so let's see how we did. On the day I saw the following entries:

  • A classic/modern Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum force

  • A small but swift Dark Eldar force

  •  Space Hulk ships, Imperial and Eldar

  • Some retro-looking cave goblins
As well as this, there was also a later entry of a Space Marine flyer force, a grot army which was entered a few days prior, and a Dealwatch/Knight display in the main window. I was super-impressed with the amount of imagination and custom terrain work that went into all the entries.
So, how did I do? Well.....drum-roll.......pause for effect.....

......still pausing....


Yes, not expecting to win, and extremely optimistic for bronze, a silver medal was handed to me, based on the total in-store and online votes. Bronze went to the Dark Eldar force, but a deserving gold went to the guard army. It was a fantastic mix of retro Cadians, modern tanks, and a well assembled board made near-enough from scratch.

So, my first Armies on Parade, and my first medal in, well, anything. What about next year, you ask? Well, I have plans, You'll have to stick around to find out more. 

More pictures from the day can be found on the Warhammer-Scarborough page, as well as some of the other entries I couldn't get pics for.