Sunday, 15 January 2017

Showcase: Magnus the Red

The crimson king approaches! An amazing model which not many people expected to see in 40k, the first daemon primarch makes for a fantastic centrepiece.

With such an impressive, intricate model, I decided to largely follow the warhammer TV guide for painting the model. Despite being mostly red, the other details help tie it in with the blue rubrics.

I did make a few changes to personalise the model. The key different is the wings.

 Rather the the black wings of the box art, I thought white wings would stand out more. Painted in the same way as the cloth, the wings brighten up the model significantly.

Magnus was built using the optional khopesh blade and the death mask, with a few extra basing bits to complement the dreadnought arm at his feet. Truth be told the model didn't really need much adding to it. The sword and wings can be removed, making it far easier to transport.

It's been a difficult but enjoyable experience to paint Magnus, and I'll certainly get as much use from it in games as possible.

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  1. Beautifully done, man! I really dig how he turned out - nice work!