Saturday, 25 March 2017

Review: Evil Craft Chaos Veterans

Evil Craft is a great choice for semi-true scale, highly detailed alternative models and parts for Chaos Space Marines. They may only make parts for the spike cousins of the Imperium, but they do it well. Today, I'm checking out their Veteran squads.

The parts from this area unit share a lot of design elements with existing basic sets, but are sharper and meaner than the originals. Extra spikes, horns and blades protrude from the armoured pieces, highlighting the model's favour with the chaos gods.

As per the usual with Evil Craft, the quality is top notch. Hardly a casting bubble or mould line in sight. When you buy from then, you certainly get the quality expected for the higher prices compared to other manufacturers.

They make for great additions to your units to represent unit champions, or could quite easily make full squads of Chaos Chosen. It'd be a pricey way to do it (on par with a 5-man Forge World unit) but all the parts tie together seamlessly, and with the large number of parts for each model, the customisation is near endless.

Whilst they are a tad bigger than any gw counterpart, they fit fairly well and suit the aesthetic. If combining I would recommend using either the newer plastic models (due to scale creep) or include terminator legs, to ensure the model looks balanced. The legs, backpacks and accessories will be fine on any sized gw model, it's mainly the torsos and heads which can look too large on older, smaller models.

For those who want to stand out on the tabletop and have the spare coin, the chosen range is certainly one to consider. Next time I'll be checking out a selection of alternate weapons and accessories for these guys.

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