Saturday, 13 May 2017

Iron painter challenge: live

Good morning folks! The 12 hour Iron painted challenge has begun. Check back throught the day for live updates.

8:30. Go!

10:50. Most of the boxes are built, and one contestant is already painting!

12:20 painting has begin! Most of the forces are built, and some players are beginning to lay down basic colours.

15:40. Getting closer, less than 5 hours to go!

17:15- first atmy is nearly finished! (Nurgle daemons)

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Iron Painter Challenge: The Preparation

This Saturday sees me and nine other local gamer take on the Iron Painter challenge: 12 hours of non-stop building and painting. Today's post details my plan, and what you can all expect.

Each contestant has to choose a Getting Started box set. I've chosen to go for Scions: I like the heavier armour they have over the Imperial Guard, and the Taurox is a fun kit, even if it has it's fair share of haters.

As you know I can't leave anything stock. On top of the challenge itself, I'm adding an extra degree of difficulty, ensuring I convert every single model, including the Taurox.

The theme I plan to go for is 'Mad Max 40k'. It's an idea that's been bubbling away for a while now, but I have an excuse to make a start on it. I plan to have the scions look somewhat like the wastelanders of the outback-based movie franchise. We are allowed to raid bits boxes, so I plan to utilise a few choice bits. The main parts I'll be using are:

  • Helmets from the Dark Eldar Scourges and Sisters of Silence
  • Weapon arms from the Genestealer Cultists box sets.
  • Couple of Chaos Icons
And for the Taurox, this beast....

 This is a custom, blown V8, perfect for any reclaimed post-apocalyptic vehicle.

It's a bit of a light post for now, but you can expect much more this Saturday. I will be posting live throughout the day, both here and on Facebook, so make sure you're signed up.