Sunday, 27 August 2017

WIP: Rhino Refurb

Like an old, rusty classic car, restoring a cheap eBay or trade forum model can be immensely satisfying. This week I've been fixing up a Rhino apc which needed a lot of tlc...

The tank arrived via post in a bit of a mess. The paint was thick and gunky, there were random bits glued on it, and it hadn't been built very well.

Luckily, it had been glued together with what must have been either a glue gun or a pritt stik, and it came apart with ease. I had it down to its base components within minutes.

Now began the task of replacing parts and covering the damage. Luckily I had a Blood and Skulls rhino conversion kit laying around, waiting for its shining moment. The hideous front plate was replaced with the clean, heresy-esque plate from the conversion set.

The sides were also modified. This conversion set does require a bit of hacking at the original plasticto fit properly, but it is pretty convincing, especially now the tank has a uniform primer colour.

As this tank is for my Tzaangor unit, I wanted it to be laden with trophies from various battles. I've chained down an eviscerator and hotshot lasgun to the roof, which has the added benefit of covering some of the mess. The remaining damage will be worked into the paint scheme.

The front is a bit more elaborate, featuring the skeleton of an Imperial hero, an arbite or captain of some description.

As this is for a unit that is known to steal anything shiny, I am of two minds if it should be painted in the Thousand Sons scheme, or another army's colours with tzeentchian grafitti (maybe blood ravens for the irony). In either case it will be an effective addition to the squad, allowing them to travel much faster towards a good, vicious close combat.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Workbench Datalog: August 2017

A while since my last post, and a fair few projects have come and gone. Here's just a small part of what I've been working on this past month.

Having sorted out my cases and models, I realised I didn't have any ranged cultists anymore (must have trades or sold them) since cultists are still a valid and cheap unit choice, I felt the need to add them back into the list, but with a ranged punch.

I bought two boxes of cultists and used one of my old rogue psykers for the squad. I already have some close combat cultists, so this squad was going to be all autoguns (plus heavy stubber). The extra autoguns came from genestealer cultists. My favourite model is the heavy stubber. Since templates don't exist anymore, I wanted to have an aiming model, with the gun propped up on rocks. With a 40mm base and kneeling legs I think I have a cool looki g alternative to the standing model. The gun is a shortenned genestealer cult gun, with a bipod from the Scout kit.

And because it's a Thousand Sons army, I have never have enough sorcerers. This model is designed to be semi-modular, in that it can be run with or without a jump pack.

The model is half Rubric Marine, half Forge World, using parts from the Thousand Sons blade cult set. The swords are sweet, and two sword is preferable to one.

To finish today's update here is a sneak peak of one of two (yes, two!) Armies On Parade boards. Until next time, keep on modelling, sharing and growing our hobby community.