Sunday, 8 October 2017

WIP: Talon patttern Hellblade

Just in case you think I don't have enough projects to finish this month, here's yet another. But this time, I've taken to the skies, with a Hellblade/count-as Heldrake.

My army is lacking in the air superiority department, and as much as I like the retro-looking Doomwing I made a while back, it doesn't stack up well against some of my newer additions, both in terms of paint quality and modelling skills. Whilst I will probably fix that, I wanted to go in a different direction with this one: something more modern, angled, and in the style of one of my favourite Forgeworld flyers.

The model started out as a used Stormtalon, originally intented for an Crimson Fists force a friend was downsizing. I also managed to blag a few Heldrake bits from another friend, so naturally I had to smash them together.

The problem I had was that I inly had 3 wing pieces, and needed 4. The back two are made from plasticard, with very thin plasticard used to create the intricate patterns.

The pilot is new, as it was missing when I bought it. The legs are Kromlech bike legs, and I used parts from the Thousand Sons blade cult minis from Forgeworld for the upper body. The arms were the most outstretched arms in my bitsbox.

Weapon-wise, I kept the twin lascannon, as this is now an option for the Heltalon. When I want to use it as a Heldrake, I can use a modified ball turret, which is detachable. Sure the lasannons are still on the model, but from a normal eye-level you can't see them tucked under the front wings, so it should be ok.

I think I'll do something different with the paint scheme. Much like an Imperial Navy flyer, it will have its own, non-legion scheme. The pilot will probably still be blue to tie it in with the rest of the army. It's been a fun litttle project, and should paint up nicely too.

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