Sunday, 12 November 2017

Workshop Datalogs: November 2017

This month has mostly been about getting my list ready for Dominance. 90% of the units I need for my list are fully painted, with only a few bits here and there to tidy up. I also managed to fit in a few other side projects.

The final full unit to paint for Dominance is a Decimator daemon engine. I've had the model for a while, but I've never been sold on either the pose or colour scheme I had previously come up with. I decided a few months ago to break it down to it's core components, and like the regenerative machine it is, build it back up again. I went for a more hunched pose, giving it a much more menacing feel. The weapons are also new as well, especially for the tournament. A pair of Soulburner Petards should help take out a variety of targets, with their auto-wounding mortal wound shots. Both are based around a core assembly of plastic tubes and jet turbines (scavenged from a marine-scale jump pack).

Next, we have a brutal-looking Ogryn berserker. This was made for my local GW's 2-year anniversary. Each person was invited to convert and paint any single model. My entry was based on a Blood Bowl ogryn with a gruesome close combat weapon. The weapon is an Ork Deff Dredd's weapon, trimmed down and connected to where the hand was. A few off-cuts and Green Stuff helped to make the hood and chem injectors on his back

To reflect the destruction this weapon would cause, I was sure to use plenty of blood effect on the weapon, and splattered on the body of the user. This guy will take over my Ogryn unit as the leader, and bearer of the anti-vehicle Boss Drill. 

Finally, something quite different to the norm. I wanted to start a new army that was quite different to the Thousand Sons and Traitor Guard: a close combat army. Khorne is a natural opposite: no magic, blood and plenty of chainswords. And what's more different than a Khorne Marine army? A Khorne SISTERS army! 

Yes that's right: Sisters of Khorne. This will be a very slow project, but something I'm really going to enjoy. Each model will have a lot of attention, and all will be converted. The above model actually started off as a Drukhari Lhamaean.

A a pair of Tzaangor chainswords, Sister's backpack and plenty of Greenstuff, it makes for a convincing, alternate spiky sister. I'll use this either as a Berserker champion or Aspiring Champion, depending on how the army develops over time. At the moment it is a modelling project rather than an army project, so the direct I may go is quite fluid at the moment. In any case, be sure to sign up to this blog to keep up-to-date with how that particular project goes. 

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