Thursday, 17 November 2011

Madina Lake Live @ Manchester- My thoughts

What can I say...amazing comes to mind.

Oddly under-crowded, I had thought that the show would be a flop. Thankfully it was not, and will be remembered as another great night of my university life.

Firstly, it would be good to start with the supporting bands, Super Happy Fun Club (the name which amuses me) and My Passion (which I was told would be dire). Fun Club, despite the almost Kids-TV-show name, played amazing music. They were above par in terms of supporting talent, and was glad I could have herd them. My Passion however, well I was less than impressed. Whilst their music was quite good, I must concede that the seemed a bit too 'up themselves' to put it lightly. Some humility would have been nice, and would have raised my opinion of them.

Now, onto Madina Lake. I felt a bit out of touch with the fans, as I had only herd of their older (comparatively) stuff and nothing from their latest album, World War III. However, I did attempt to join in with lyrics! The night was surely one to remember, the loud awesome music, Large balloons filled with confetti being thrown into the crowds, and the strange behaviour of yours truly...despite a fear of being crushed, I was second row from the front stage!! Even got to shake hands with the band as they make their way across the front lines. All in all, It was a great night, with great music, and one I would love to repeat...

Tune in next Thursday for my next blog (warning, it will be a nerdy blogpost next week, so a word of warning to those who expect music)

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