Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Showcase: Modified Chaos Land Raider

If you were viewing this Blog last week, you will have seen a picture, showing of a corner of my latest project. Now I can reveal it to you. This is the Chaos Land Raider I have been working on in my spare time.

I originally bought it second hand, for way under half its RRP. If you had seen it, you could see why. It was built, lets say, sub standardly, with glue stains swelling from the panel gaps, parts on wonky, and even the side guns housings were upside down (unfortunately, so much glue was used this was unsolvable, so I made do).

I was also keen to try out something a bit more radical on its basic design. With the recent release of the Land Raider Proteus, a retro-styled variant of this very kit, I wanted to imitate some of its design features, namely the overlapping tracks. I did this by removing the glue stained roof/track guards, and cannibalising a second Land Raider for more tracks. These were carefully overlapped over the open hull. The roof was simply spare parts and plastic sheeting, including retro hatches.

The painting is identical to the Contemptor Dreadnought that was displayed on The Rock/Geek Journalist a few weeks ago, but with more intricate patterns. However, since this, in game, would bear the brunt of more fire, I wanted to look more beaten, worn and torn. Pigment powders made another appearance, but in larger doses. I also tested a new rust pigment (only on the engine grill, but I'll add more later on. Overall, this was a fun project, and one I am proud of. Now, to fix up the donor....

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