Tuesday, 28 February 2012

40k Philosophy: Side Projects Make The World Go Around

It's fun to take up a big gaming project. Currently, I am working on my Chaos Renegades, fixing them up, and generally improving them. Picturesed below is a custom made Destroyer tank hunter. Before this, it was a plain dark brown, but it has now had life brought back to it, and is part way through a bright new scheme, with greater depth than the previously flat appearance (and unpainted white plastic cannon and hull extension). More of the renegades will appear soon, probably.

Of course, I also have my my Thousand Sons, one of the central sights around this blog. However, it does sometimes get monotonous, so a little side project does wonders for both the eyes and the mind. It effectively de-clutters the mind from all the (in my case) blue power armour.

As you may have seen with my Malcador postings, I showed you the beginning of a diminutive Grot Tank, a £3 piece of fun. I do have the bizarre idea of an entire army of Grot Tanks, but in time. Here is the finished piece

 I built this using a model tank, for the previously mentioned price, and any spare bits I could find. It was a pain getting it off the little plinth it came on, as they used triangle head screws to attatch it, and to my knowledge, there is no such thing as a triangle headed screwdriver! The cannon and the gold Capacitor type thing on the back were both made from a ForgeWorld Autocannon, and the body was covered in a mountain of scrap plastic and rivets. The exhaust was make from plastic tubing. It has been a fun little distaction, and now I'm ready to get on with renegade refurbishment.

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