Sunday, 18 March 2012

Reflection: Yashin Live @ Manchester

Amidst the vast crowds and multi-coloured lighting, wearing the wristbands of the bands, it's hard not to blend in at a gig. Generally I do well at this, although the particularly violent death-wallers and circle runners, throwing themselves into the fray with such force, did make me step back. Usually this is not an issue, but this crowd was oddly energetic. But, with the playlist, you can see why they got so excited. That, with a combination of alcohol...

Yashin, alongside Tantrum To Blind, Jody Has a Hitlist and With One Last Breath, graced the Manchester Academy, filling the underground room with a great deal of noise and amazing music. Of course, you will get the odd person, shouting loudly "so-n-so are ****" and much worse, but the best one can do is ignore them and focus on the stage.

The headliner's music certainly gathered an active crowd, and the band's actions  caught my attention. Monkey-hanging upside-down off the lig.hting rigs is something not every band claims to do. They somehow managed to get me to take a high number of photographs, although it could be the higher-quality batteries, allowing me to do so.

 A number of new songs made their way to the fans, including my favourite of the night, 'Runaway Train'. A little hard to make out over the crowds, but it has managed to stick afterwards. Definitely a great late-start to the year, but will Black Veil Brides top them? Find out in a few weeks. Until then, more nerd-stuff!

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  1. Nice review brother, Got are 1st vid up.