Saturday, 10 March 2012

showcase: Sorceror on a Disc (aka daemonic surfboard)

You may remember, from my most recent 40k philosophy article but a few days ago, that I promised photographs of my sorcerer on a disc. Well, true to my word, here they are.

The conversion was rather simple. I simply added my chaos sorcerer (made from the new (ish) plastic grey knights and a greenstuff cast of a thousand son's headpiece) to a disc of tzeentch, taken from the Tzeentch herald on disc kit. People have had a number of issues with finecast, GW's most recent attempt to replace their metal range. The disc was relatively acceptable, apart from a miscast eye on the rim. Thankfully, a little paint covered this, and it is not generally an issue.

This guy has slightly suffered from 'new model syndrome'. In its first game, he got one shotted by an anti-tank krak missile. The next game, he was swarmed by 30 hormagaunts (took down 7 of them though). hopefully, he will do better, but for now, it is still a simple yet effective conversion.

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