Tuesday, 26 June 2012

WIP: Chaos Contemptor Upgrading (Dreadnought envy)

More and more chaos contemptors are showing up across the internet. A number of one of Forgeworld's recent successes are falling to evil. A number of Nurgle and Khorne examples are extraordinary examples of ancient devices corrupted by dark gods. Strangely though, no Slaanesh, and my two are the only Tzeentch, non heresy era examples I've seen. Seeing all these amazing conversions makes my previous efforts feel...plain.

This is why I've decided to upgrade my first Contemptor Dreadnought (which you may recognise from the early days of this blog) to be more evil and more detailed. One of the plus points of the Contemptor is the large number of flat surfaces, ideal for freehand work or as a surface for details to be added. I have started to add a Greenstuff boarding around the shoulders. One will have a gemstone incorporated into it (left shoulder). I have also added a 'third eye' like on Forgeworld's Thousand Sons Dreadnought, which many of my ideas are being inspired by. A mark of Tzeentch was added to the knee, to represent the upgrade I often take.

Also, it isn't really a chaotic dreadnought without trophies, right? I didn't want to go overboard, I just wanted a little something to hint at the evil within the chassis of the beast. Skulls on chains: there we go. I added some to one of the legs. I felt this met the quota of 'enough evil to make a point'. The skulls are from GW kits, and the chain was taken from very very cheap jewellery. Some necklace from pound land. Although it isn't my first choice, the chain is quite suitable for modelling usage, and for £1 from a pound land (try dollar stores in the US) it's hard to argue with the price.

What's left to do then? Well, I want to get the boarders done on each side, then sanded and riveted. I might also try to get some finer chain to hang chaotic runes from the neck area. Then it's on to painting, where the scheme will remain the same, but of course with the new details. I suspect I'll make the boarders yellow, but gold is a possibility, especially since I think I've nailed a perfect recipe, which I'll happily share with you all on Thursday.

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