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Living With 6th Ed, Part Seven: An Actual Battle

So, having read a week's worth of 6th edition discussion, you may be left wondering how this actually affects gameplay. Well, to find out, I've taken part in a 1000 point Chaos (with guard) v Chaos game, and recorded the details, to create a nice little battle report for all of you, especially the ones who have read the other six posts.

To start, we rolled 'relic' for the mission, as well as short edge deployment. The enemy command trait was Master of Manoeveure, whilst mine was Strategic Genius. Here were the two lists, mine is the Thousand Sons list, and the other is my girlfriend's rockband army:

Thousand Sons

  • HQ-Sorcerer, Plasma Pistol (rolled Gate of Infinity)
  • Elites-Dreadnought, extra DCCW
  • Troops-10 marines, plasma gun and meltagun, icon. 9 thousand sons (rolled Spontaneous Combustion)
  • Heavy-Predator, auto/las combo
  • Allies-Primaris Psyker (rolled Warp Speed). 10 veterans, flamer, chimera
Rockband of chaos
  • HQ-Lord, power sword, jetpack
  • Elites-Dreadnought, multimelta. Dreadnought, plasma cannon
  • Troops-6 Noise marines, 4 sonic blasters, blastmaster, champion, plasma pistol, doom Siren, power sword. 10 marines, flamer, missile launcher, champion, power fist.
  • Fast Attack-5 Raptors, meltagun.
  • Heavy-1 Obliterator.

The Rockband of Chaos won the roll to go first, and deployed everything apart from the raptors and lord, who were now outflanking, thanks to her commander trait. The two dreadnoughts took the right side, with the noise marines. The regular marines deployed on the left, with the obliterator. My Thousand Sons made a similar deployment. My Dreadnought faced the two enemy ones, with marine support. My Thousand Sons, with their Lord, took up the right side, with a Chimera/truck full of cultists. The Predator was held in reserve.

Turn One
The sons, feeling the favour of Tzeentch, manage to steal the initiative. Taking advantage of this, my sorcerer attempts to cast his Gate of Infinity, only to suffer a perils attack. It appears the gods of chaos are indeed fickle today. The Dreadnought fire frenzies, but due to its arc of fire, has no targets. The Thousand sons move up, as do the regulars. The chimera bolts forward towards the relic, spraying heavy bolter rounds at the enemy marines, and downing one. The thousand Sons take down one more.

The enemy begins its turn.The multi-melta dread fire frenzies into the regular marines, to no effect. A very lucky snapshot from a missile launcher knocks a hull point off the Chimera. Plasma fire from the Obliterator takes out a Thousand Son. the Noise Marine's sonic fire kills two marines, but doesn't pin them. The plasma Dreadnought fires at mine to no effect.

Turn Two
The Predator arrives from reserves, rolling on at the back. However, its gunners are inaccurate this turn. This time, Gate of Infinity is cast, but I scatter back 12". One son dies as a result. The cultists jump out of their transport, and gun down two marines with mass lasgun and flamer fire. Their psyker fails his Warp Speed power. The Thousand Sons fire at the Noise Marines. Spontaneus Combustion is successful and takes out the blastmaster carrier, in a spectacular fireball. The sons take out two more. 

Both of the enemy Dreadnoughts enter a frenzy, firing wildly at the enemy. The plasma dread knocks two hull points from my combat dreadnought, and the multimelta kills three marines. the Noise Marines retaliate, and kill off two Thousand Sons. The regular marines charge the cultists, and easily overwhelm them, thanks to poor rolling on my part. Noise marines charge the Sons, but two of them get cut down, to no losses on my side.

Turn Three
The lord decides to separate from his unit, and casts infinity on himself. The gods are again fickle, making him scatter back 8". The sons move up, and fire on the marines who killed the cultists. Spontaneus Combustion kills one, and the Son's AP3 bolters take out the rest. The Dreadnought moves towards the plasma Dreadnought and assaults it, only to die to multiple glances and existing wounds. Predator fire takes a hull point off the melta Dreadnought. The Chimera fires on the Obliterator, to no effect. Combat with the marines sees that the final Noise Marine is killed, and the survivors bolt for the relic. 

Turn three was somewhat limited for the rockband, but effective. The lord and his raptor guard come on, and flank the predator. Melta fire takes a hull point, and the heresy-era battle tank is finished off with carefully placed krak charges. The sorcerer is melted unfer heavy bombardment from the lone obliterator. The aspiring sorcerer leading his unit sees the death, and smiles darkly. 

Turn Four
With all the heavy hitters gone, I decide to make a run for the relic. A marine picks up the ancient device, with his comrades covering his exit. Plasma fire from the unit is ineffectual against the Dreadnought. The chimera damages its drive-shaft, in an attempt to run down the Obliterator, immobilising it. Its fires ineffectually on its target. The Aspiring sorcerer combusts a raptor, whilst the sons are of no effect. 

The gods show me some slack, as the enemy plasma Dreadnought fire frenzies once more, but at the raptors, melting one under a sustained plasma barrage. the multi melta Dreadnought kills two with melta/bolter fire, inlcuding the relic bearer, who drops the ancient device to the ground. The obliterator kills two more maines with plasma fire, and assaults, killing the final marines.

Turn Five
Right, time for drastic action. The Surviving Thousand Sons fire on the obliterator to no effect. They then assault, the obliterator breaks through the armour of one Son, but the sorcerer's force axe manages to down the mutated monster. The squad finds itself base-to base with the relic, but facing a charge from two dreadnoughts and a lord lead retinue...

But no charge comes. All three units get stuck in the ruins of the mining town, and I am spared a painful defeat. 

Tzeentch decides to be favourable, but at a great cost, and the game ends here.

Overall scores:
Thousand Sons: First Blood, Relic held (4 points)
Rockband of Chaos: Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker (2 points)

Winner: Thousand Sons

That was certainly a close one, and probably down to a lot of back luck on my part. I suspect my girlfriend stole much of it, which often happens. But in the end, my Thousand Sons pulled through. I do have to say that I enjoy the warlord traits and new powers, they certainly helped both sides. my MVP has to be the aspiring sorcerer, who managed to burn a number of key models, and slay the Obliterator. I think the AP2 of the force axe certainly helped. Hopefully, with a little more luck next time, It'll be a more engaging combat. 

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