Sunday, 15 July 2012

Living With 6th Ed, Part Six: Terrain And Battle Missions

Terrain is an important aspect to any wargame, because, lets face it, playing on a plain open batlefield is one, boring, and two, doesn't stimulate the imagination anywhere near as much as a fully sprawling battlefield, lined with ruined buildings and craters.

6th edition's take on terrain is vastly different to its predecessor. A large selection of terrain items have been added, and much of it is interactive. Things like land-mines, shield projectors, collapsing buildings and holy relics can now be scattered across our gaming boards, making each movement decision more interesting, and carefully thought. Yes, the relic may look interesting,but in 6th edition, it could easily be a trap, and set to explode in your face. This is because more specialised items have randomised effects, a design cue taken from 8th ed fantasy. Whilst a number of people dislike the idea of a game they now dub 'randomhammer' I like the concept of mystery in my games, and whilst it does lengthen the process, it makes it a great deal more entertaining.

Now, the battle missions we play have been expanded. We have three slightly altered missions from last editions, plus three more. A number of these use the new mystery objectives, which is certainly going t be interesting. Also, they've got rid of the  'dawn of war' deployment type, and added an angled deployment very similar to Warhammer: Apocalypse. I hated the old dawn of war deployment, mainly because my man-portable heavy weapons were useless, and my tanks had little effect when moving. Now in this edition, they start the game on the table, and as a bonus, some missions even let them count as scoring.

The rulebook even comes with six example 'special' missions, cooked up by their design teams, to represent custom scenarios and specific battles the the storyline. Special rules and terrain maps are included with them, to help recreate their epic games. Overall, the new terrain, magic objectives and more missions will greatly expand what people experience in each game they play.

Tomorrow's post will cover everything discussed thus far, and concentrate it into an actual game; a 6th edition battle report. Come back soon.

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