Thursday, 27 September 2012

40k Philosophy: Codex: Chaos Marines, And Future Changes To My Sons

With the fist codex of  Warhammer 40,000: Sixth Edition being Chaos Space Marines, you can imagine that I will be a happy cultist. But how will I be adapting and expanding my Thousand Sons for this new book?

The first change, one that has already been work-in-progress, is the inclusion of cultists. Cultist hordes seem to be a new concept that many chaos players are thinking of using. I wont be going too mad...just one unit of 20 for now. I'm hoping I can mix and match weapons, otherwise I have a lot of arm swapping to do. In order to use allied tanks from the Imperial Guard codex, I'll be rebuilding a Forgeworld Renegade squad, to count as veterans.

Next, it's a lovely Hellsmith. I've always wanted the ability to have a tekkie in my vehicle heavy army, so you can imagine my joy at seeing the official pics. However, I thought that for now I'll make my own, rather than spending £18 on the new one, using many design features of the new kit such as the mechanical tentacles. I've based the model on an old metal Techmarine, a sorcerer's backpack, various parts, and a lot of GF9 cable (which is featured here).

 I'm still at war with what arm to use. I really want to use a Tartaros pattern power fist, as it looks great mocked up, but it depend on if I can even use power fists on him.

And this brings me onto the next change; Terminators. Whilst I have had Terminators (of many patterns) before, I wanted an entirely new unit, one which fits in with my 'recently post-heresy' theme, and one which has my highest standard of work done on them.

Whilst this is just a start, here is my unit champion, to demonstrate the style I am going for. Thin strips of plasticard will be used to add banding to the shoulder pads and collars, as well as to made headdresses at a later stage.

This of course is just the beginning. I also intend to purchase some of the new units, such as the Helldrake or Forgefiend. when Codex: Chaos Space Marines lands on the 6th October, I will follow up this article with a more tactical one, detailing how my army lists, war-gear choices, and tactics will be changing, hopefully for the better.

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