Saturday, 15 September 2012

Showcase: Sorcerer on Disc (Updated)

Hello everyone. In preparation for an upcoming competition over on the Joeyberry page, and through sheer urge for change, I've  repainted and redesigned my disc sorcerer, which you may remember from a few months ago.

Looking upon my champion sorcerer, I felt that his disc was too similar to his armour, and that his armour wasn't chaosy enough......his grey knight roots were still apparent. I decided to paint it in similar colours to my Flamers, as they came out great using the scheme.

To help fix the armour, a backpack and head transplant were in order. The head is one of Maxmini's steam knight heads, and I chose the one with a gemstone, as it is reminiscent of Pre-heresy Thousand Sons. OSL (object Source Lighting) was added to the eyes for added effect and because it looks great on Thousand Sons.

The Backpack is a custom job. It started out as a Grey Knight Strike Squad's back pack, and also a regular Chaos Space Marine pack. The two were spliced together, to create a cool, unique piece. Liquid greenstuff was used to fill in gaps. Keys and trinkets were added, taken from the Empire Flaggelants kit.

 Next, it was onto the painting. This involved using Temple Guard Blue as a main colour, with white added to highlight. It contrasts from the armour, whilst remaining blue, which is what I wanted the disc to be. The tail blends from Temple Guard Blue, through to White, then again to Liche Purple. The eyes were repainted afterwards with the same Yellow. Look below for a before-after of the model, and check out Facebook for the big secret reveal.
...and after.

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