Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Fellblade Project: Part One (In the Beginning)

"I can hear it. This 'machine spirit' still calls out to its emperor like a wounded wolf, even though its host is nothing more than rust. Poor little thing. It is resisting the daemons and fighting my scrap code. I'm afraid I need to step in..."
-Warpsmith Ozhmund Khotep, of the Thousand Sons, referring to the machine spirit of the captured Fellblade 'Emperor's wrath', found in the heart of the Space hulk 'Hell's spear'.

I have decided to create this new series, to document the progress of my newest, biggest project, a (Chaos) Legion Fellblade. So far, the work has mainly been resource collecting and 'chop shop' work, but it's still progress.

So far, I've removed old plasticard work, as well as the front and rear track plates, exhausts and extras. Some tracks from the rear have been added to the front, since I found out that there weren;t any underneath the panels like I hoped.

The side notches have been a massive pain to remove, but they are all gone now. This will be covered up with spacers and new armour plating.

As well as all this, I found an interesting little trinket in Pound-world to use for the turret. A Christmas bauble. A very big one. For £1, it is the right basic shape, and can obviously be cut to size. 

Hopefully I'll have more to report, and come back tomorrow for my next posting. 

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