Friday, 26 October 2012

The Fellblade Project: Part Two (New Armour And Reclaimed Parts)

Finally, it cowers before me. See? You don't have to fear us. WE are the true light. WE are the true path. Good, now that you choose to listen, I have friends I would like you to meet. They are very eager to see you, very eager....

Prepare the ritual.... 

After an annoying few days of removing parts and details, it's on to the more fun part, building up the tank's hull.

The first sections to receive treatment are the side track sections. I want them to look much like the units on Forgeworld's upcoming tank; meaning they need to follow the aesthetic of Land Raiders and Rhinos. After a thin plasticard layer was added to clean up the sides, a shaped plate was then glued on top, with an indentation for Rhino Sized doors, should I decide to buy Forgeworld doors. The demonstration door is blu-tacked.
How the panels look pre-installation

The tops have also been redone, as the plasticard used before was very thin, and unsuitable for supporting further layers or having enough strength to hold up to repeated use. They are the same size, just using two layers of thicker plasticard.

The fuel barrels will be reused on this tank. I did notice a while ago that one of them was mounted upside down (upside down skulls) so this is beneficial. They will be mounted at an angle, as demonstrated with blu-tac.

I've also been scouring for parts amongst my collection. I found this Executioner Plasma Cannons, which when halved and painted up like the cannons on my Forgefiend, will make a cool start to some sort of hellfire reactor/engine for the Fellblade.
Just to give you a rough idea, imagine this doubled up and all evil...

Then I found these; spare parts from the Forgefiend. I'm thinking that the power fist covers might look good as a form of weapon cowling for the quad-lascannons, and I might have a use for those Magma Cutters for the reactor.

As normal, come back tomorrow for another post, and good bye for now. Stay around for further updates.

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